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Committee Members


Angie Newby, Chair (term expires 2014)                                                                     
P.O. Box 1124                                                                                          
Homer, AK 99603                                                                                    

Adele Groning (term expires 2013)
4322 Bayview Ct.
Homer, AK 99603
299-3057 (c)

Marianne Aplin (term expires 2015)
4290 Shirley Ct.
Homer, AK 99603

Trina Fellows (term expires 2014)                                                  
266 E. Bayview                                                          
Homer, AK 99603                                                   
235-8611 (h)                                                                 

Michele Miller (term expires 2014)
PO Box 1520
Homer, AK 99603
226-6207 (h)

Ex-Officio Members
Mary E. Wythe, Mayor
Walt Wrede, City Manager

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of February, May, August, and November at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall.

HCC 1.70 The Mayor shall appoint a Public Arts Committee consisting of five members subject to confirmation by City Council. One Member may reside outside city limits. (Ord.10-55(A), 01/11)

Terms are for two years and expire April 28th of the designated year. Members serve at the pleasure of the City Council.