City Hall Renovationand Expansion Task Force

The City Hall Renovation and Expansion Task Force shall be advisory to the Council and the Scope of Work shall include seeking comment from interested parties and the general public, reviewing existing documents, helping to develop the request for proposals, reviewing and scoring construction proposals and/or bids, acting as a sounding board for the architect or design/construction team, reviewing the project scope of work and budget, and making recommendations to the Council on same; the work of the Task Force shall be complete, and the body dissolved when construction begins.


Beth Wythe, Councilmember
PO Box 1822, Homer, AK 99603
235-3919 (h)

Francie Roberts, Councilmember
PO Box 495, Homer, AK 99603
235-1068 (h)

Kevin Hogan, Councilmember
4735 Tamara St. Homer, AK 99603
399-8090 (h)

Jo Johnson, City Clerk
491 E. Pioneer Ave. Homer, AK 99603

Rick Abboud, City Planner
491 E. Pioneer Ave. Homer, AK 99603

Regina Mauras, Finance Director
491 E. Pioneer Ave. Homer, AK 99603