2012-2017 Capital Improvement Plan

2012 CIP cover

A new Capital Improvement Plan was approved by the Homer City Council on October 10, 2011. It describes 45 capital projects ranging from roads and trails to buildings, fire fighting equipment, and Port & Harbor improvements.

Eight of the projects in the CIP would be accomplished by the State of Alaska, including one new project: Ocean Drive Reconstruction with Turn Lane. Seven of the projects were requested for inclusion by other organizations, including another new project: Homer High School Track Renovation. Development of the CIP involves input from City staff, Mayor and Council, advisory bodies, and many other community members.

The City Council also approved a short list of 15 projects for which the City will seek funding from the Alaska Legislature during the 2012 session (for fiscal year 2013 funding). Also known as the Legislative Priorities List, these projects are a subset of the overall CIP:

  1. Sewer Treatment Plant Bio-solids Treatment Improvements
  2. Homer Area Natural Gas Pipeline, Phase 2
  3. Harbor Improvement Revenue Bond Projects (six different projects)
  4. Skyline Fire Station
  5. Fishing Lagoon Improvements
  6. Karen Hornaday Park Improvements, Phase 1
  7. Fire Engine 4 and Tanker 2 Refurbishment - HVFD
  8. Homer High School Track Renovation
  9. Alternative Water Source
  10. Deep Water/Cruise Ship Dock Expansion, Phase 1
  11. Homer Intersection Improvements
  12. Ocean Drive Reconstruction with Turn Lane
  13. Mariner Park Restroom
  14. Kachemak Drive Rehabilitation/Pathway
  15. Truck Loading Facility Upgrades at Fish Dock

The full CIP is posted on this site and can also be found under Forms and Documents on the home page.