Property Tax Calendar

Property Tax Calendar
July 1 – Real, Personal and Oil Tax bills are mailed. If you did not file your personal and/or business statements with the Assessing Department by February 15 of each year, your account will be assessed a 10% late filing penalty.


September 7th (approximate) – All supplemental personal property bills are mailed. A 10% late filing or non-filing penalty will be assessed to all supplemental bills.

September 15 – Optional first half tax installment becomes due.

October 15 – Full payment of taxes become due if the first installment was not paid by September 15.

November 15 – Optional second half tax installment becomes due, if applicable.
November 23 (approximate) – Reminder bills are sent to all taxpayers that have a outstanding balance due.

December 15 – Reminder bills are due.

January 16 – Delinquent Bills are mailed.

February 15 – Delinquent Bills are due.

Soon as possible after February 15 the foreclosure process will begin on all real property with an outstanding delinquent balance greater than $20.00 and additional costs will accrue. (KPB 5.12.260)

Last Tuesday in February (approximate) – Foreclosure Notices and Collections notices are mailed and deliquencies are published.
March 15 – Supplemental Real Property bills are mailed with interest from the date the taxes would have ordinarily become due, which was October 15 of the prior year.

April 15 – Supplemental Real Property bills are due.

Approximately by the end of April a judgment will be obtained for prior year’s real property taxes and personal property taxes will be transferred to a collection agency