Donate Books

The Official Site of the City of Homer Alaska

We will happily accept the following donations  in good condition: 

  • New books
  • Used books
  • Media in original jackets
    • CDs
    • DVDs
    • Audiotapes




We cannot accept the following as donations, and request you recycle:  

  • Books in bad condition such as water-damaged, musty, or moldy
  • Books with covers torn off or falling apart
  • Textbooks older than 3 years
  • Encyclopedias older than 15 years
  • Magazines
  • Reader’s Digest condensed books
  • Phonographic records

All items will be reviewed by a librarian and checked with our collection requirements and selection guidelines. Those materials not added to the collection are given to the Friends of the Library who sell them at the Friends’ Book Sale.   The proceeds from the book sales are used to assist the Library with special projects and programming costs. We do not accept items with conditions or stipulations attached to them. The library cannot legally appraise gifts for tax purposes.  Upon request, a receipt will be given to you acknowledging the quantity and type of donation.

Thank you for thinking of your local library!