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Human Rights, Individual Responsibilities: A Discussion

Event Title: Human Rights, Individual Responsibilities: A Discussion
Date/Time: Tue, Jan 14th 6:00pm
Location: Homer Public Library Fireplace Lounge

City of Homer Alaska Official Website

Tuesday, Jan 14, 6:00pm

Join us for an lively discussion of human rights and individual responsibilities

We are familiar with traditional human rights. But we rarely discuss the individual responsibilities that are inherently necessary to ensure a full realization of human rights.

Ghandi wrote, "I learned from my illiterate but wise mother that all rights to be deserved and preserved came from duty well done. Thus the very right to live accrues to us only when we do the duty of citizenship of the world. From this one fundamental statement, perhaps it is easy enough to define the duties of Man and Woman and correlate every right to some corresponding duty to be first performed."

We will be discussing such far-ranging topics as the rights to a democratic government balanced by our duties as citizens within that process, the rights of freedom of speech balanced by the hope of reasoned discourse and personal integrity, the rights of protest balanced by the responsibility of engagement within the current system. We hope that you will join us to discuss what duties we should be satisfying as community members to ensure that we enjoy our rights.