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10/10/14: Overdrive has retired the WMA format for audiobooks and music. Only MP3 audiobook formats are displayed in ListenAlaska, unless there is a title only available in WMA format. The total number of audiobook or music units will remain the same. This streamlines the download process for new and returning users because MP3 titles are compatible on all platforms running the Overdrive app.

10/8/14, A statement from the Alaska State Library: It has come to our attention that Adobe Digital Editions 4.0 may collect information about the e-books on your computer, whether or not they are checked out with that application, and send the information, unencrypted, to their servers.  For more information, go to

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Ebooks are available for reading on Kindles, Nooks and many other e-reader devices. 
Audiobooks and music are offered in MP3 and WMA formats to listen to with MP3 players and iPods.

What do I need to use this virtual lending library?

• A valid library card and PIN
• Internet access
• A computer
• Downloadable free software

With media available 24/7, your library is always open!

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Did you know that the library checks out Kindle Touch e-readers and Sansa Clip MP3 players?