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Small Fry Storytime

Mother and daughter at Small Fry Storytime

Thursdays, 11:30AM – 12:00PM
For parents and children up to 24 months in age in the Joy Griffin Children's Room at the Library.

Early literacy development is the focus of the Small Fry Storytime. This program is arranged so that each young child, under 2 years of age, sits on an adult's lap. This way both children and parents can participate, following along with rhymes, movement activities, songs, fingerplays and stories.

Small Fry Storytime is designed:

  • especially for those younger children who, due to age and inexperience, will benefit from a more intimate storytime experience at the library.
  • to help very young children become comfortable with a library storytime structure and yet allow for all those wonderful qualities that make toddlers special!
  • to have an adult partner for each child
    •  with whom to share the experience, which makes each storytime successful
    •  to provide a lap on which to sit
    •  to help model storytime behavior
    •  to remember the words or actions to a favorite fingerplay or singing game so it can be played again (and again and again) at home!