Construction of the gas line

When will construction begin?
Construction on the trunk line began in March of 2013.  Enstar contractors initiated work at the Southern intersection of the Old and New Sterling Highways and are working North towards Anchor Point and South towards Homer. Construction on the distribution system in Homer is scheduled to begin spring of 2013.

What is the difference between a trunk line, main extension, and service line?

The trunk line is the line that brings gas into the community running from Anchor Point to the terminus of Kachemak City. This is the line that is funded through grant money from the State of Alaska and the $1/mcf tariff. The main extension is the distribution system that will bring gas to the streets and rights of way in Homer. This is funded by assessments against each lot through the Homer Natural Gas Special Assessment District. The Service line is the line that connects the main extension to your home. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to pay Enstar directly for this line.

Where will the trunk line run?
For the purposes of this project, the trunk line begins at Chapman School in Anchor Point, travels down the Old Sterling Highway meeting up with the Sterling Highway. It continues on the Sterling Highway till the intersection of West Hill and the Sterling Highway where it will turn up West Hill for a few hundred feet before turning right on the water and sewer easement that is an undeveloped portion of Fairview Avenue. The gas line will follow Fairview to where Fairview and East End intersect, at the main entrance to the High School. It will travel out East End Road until the end of Kacehamk City, Waterman Road slightly beyond mile post 5. See a map of the trunk like here.

Where will the distribution system run?
The distribution system will run in City streets and rights of way within Homer City Limits. A construction map can be viewed here.

Will my yard get torn up when the gas line is put in?
To install the distribution system, Enstar contractors will have to clear the right of way of vegetation to dig a trench. They must stay in the established right of way when installing the main extension. Brining a service line from the main extension to your house will require some digging in your yard for that small trench. Traffic will also be reduced to one lane at times while trenches are being dug. Building the gas line will be disruptive to local traffic and an eyesore for a time.

Who builds the gas line?
Enstar hires contractors to build the line. If you are a local contractor interested in bidding on a job, contact Enstar directly at 1-855-889-7575/ 907-435-7052. You can also visit the Homer Enstar office located at 345 Sterling Highway, Suite 104.

What Permitting is Required?

Enstar is required to obtain a varitey of permits.  These include: NEPA, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, permits from River Center, Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities and other local governing agencies (for example, City of Homer will permit line location in City streets and rights of way). ENSTAR will conduct wetland delineation and a cultural resources evaluation for the Natural Gas HSAD in Homer. 

What if I have a suggestion to the proposed layout of the distribution system?

Please bring any suggestions to our attention. The current map is a proposed route from Enstar, however, details such as exactly what route the pipe takes may change once engineers and contractors are on the ground doing the work.