Converting your Home to Natural Gas

Case studies on the cost of converting your home to natural gas prepared by Bill Smith can be found here.

The City of Homer and Enstar are working to get Natural gas in front of your home. But what will steps do you have to take to feel the toasty warmth radiating throughout your home? There are a many different variables involved in converting your home to natural gas and you will need to spend some time, energy and money to be able to use this fuel source. Like any home improvement project, you will have to make decisions along the way about how much you are able to spend and the quality of the appliance you want. If the cost of converting your entire home at once is daunting, consider starting with smaller more affordable appliances and then use the savings from that to budget for future conversions. This site has some information to help you understand the task for converting you home to natural gas. However, the City highly recommends you call your local plumbing and heating specialist for a conversation about the particulars of your home and to get a quote.

Enstar will contact you before they get to your home to survey whether or not you want to hook up to gas as the line goes by your house. They will ask you a number of questions like the total square footage of your building and the appliances you intend on hooking up. You can find an application for natural gas connection here to get an idea of the questions you will be asked here. Enstar will charge you for installing the service line, $1290 for the first 100 feet and $2 for every additional foot (2013 prices). You are only charged for the service line that runs on your property (you will not be charged for road crossings, for example). The meter is an additional cost and varies depending on your anticipated load, but the average customer pays $200 for a meter.

Elements to consider when thinking about converting your home to natural gas are:

1. Plumbing and Venting

2. Space Heat. How do you heat your home?

3. Heating Water

4. Other Appliances

If the Homer Natural Gas Special Assessment District is approved in November, there will potentially be many homes able to connect to natural gas in a short amount of time. The more prepared you can be, the better.