How to Object

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How to Object to the Natural Gas Homer Special Assessment District


All lot/parcel owners received a certified mailing with an objection form and instructions the week of November 5th.  In order to object, a lot/parcel owner(s) must fill out that form and return the signed original to the Clerk’s office in person or by mail no later than January 25, 2013 at 5:00pm.

If a lot/parcel owner has misplaced the objection form it can be downloaded here.  However, it is important that all the lot/parcel and owner information is correct. The best thing to do is contact the Clerk’s office for another copy of the specific form.

Per Homer City Code, the notification of the Homer Natural Gas Special Assessment District has to follow the Kenai Peninsula Borough (KPB) tax roll.  This can be confusing. If you own multiple lots/parcels, you will have more than one lot listed on the form. If the lots/parcels are registered with the KPB tax roll under different names, different addresses or different iterations of the same name, the owner will be mailed multiple certified letters and objection forms.  If multiple individuals co-own a lot/parcel, notice will be given one of two ways depending on how the ownership is listed with the Borough. 1) A co-owned lot with property owners listed jointly (for example, Mr. and Mrs. Smith) will receive one objection form and both lot/parcel owners need to sign it to object. OR 2) If a lot has multiple owners listed separately (for example Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith) each owner will receive a certified letter with an objection form and all owners must return the original objection form in order for the objection to be valid. 

If you have any questions about filling out your objection form, please contact the Clerk’s office.  It is best to get the form in early. That way if there is any incomplete information, the Clerk’s Office has time to contact you and correct it in order to ensure the objection is valid.