Comprehensive Plan 2008 (Adopted 2010)

The Official Site of the City of Homer Alaska

This Comprehensive Plan Update is an all-inclusive, long-range plan for the future of Homer.

The plan, which builds on the 1989 Comprehensive Plan, the 1999 update, and other plans adopted by the City of Homer, including the Town Center Development Plan (2006), Capital Improvement Plan (2006), Water and Sewer Master Plan (2006), City of Homer Non-Motorized Trails and Transportation Plan (2004) and the Transportation Plan (2005), is based on the values and aspirations of Homer citizens.

The Comprehensive Plan establishes broad goals and strategies for land use, transportation, public services and facilities, and economic development. Overriding goals of the plan include balancing needs for development and conservation, and coordinating private and public development. Plan policies help organize the complex relationships between people, land, resources, services and facilities, to meet the future needs of citizens and to protect the community’s natural environment and quality-of-life.

Once adopted by the City Council, and the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly, the Comprehensive Plan will become part of the city’s regulatory framework, guiding policymakers as they make decisions about the physical, social, and economic development of the community. While plan policy only directly addresses activities within Homer City limits, the document considers and makes general recommendations regarding issues in “greater Homer.”
By design, comprehensive plans are general documents, establishing broad goals and policies. Additional steps are required to implement most plan polices. Examples of actions needed to implement this plan include adoption of new or changed zoning and development ordinances, or approval of specific road, trail or other infrastructure projects. The City is responsible for updating its ordinances to reflect the plan’s broad policies.

The Comprehensive Plan update process was developed with wide-ranging community input. Plan development was guided by a Citizen Advisory Committee appointed by the Homer City Council. This committee worked as a liaison between the community and the planning consultants. Additionally, Homer residents gathered for two community workshops to share ideas and feedback about their vision for the plan. Several community groups met to offer comments; outreach to individuals, city staff and local business leaders enhanced the process.  Lastly, the Homer community can still participate as the Comprehensive Plan proceeds through the required approval process. Steps in the formal review process include review and approval by the Homer Advisory Planning Commission and the Homer City Council. Ultimately, the plan must be formally adopted by the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly.

The plan has been a labor of love for the community and reflects the vision and desires of Homer residents. It will guide and support Homer as it moves into its next centennial.