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City Hall Renovation

 Plans are progressing on the renovation of the existing City Hall building.

A Committee was formed by the City Council to oversee the completion of this project; including the preparation of a Request for Proposal for design and construction services, the selection of the design/construction team (thru a competitive process), and the review and approval of the ultimate scope of work. Currently, the scope includes adding 4000 square feet of new space and rehabilitating the existing space. Work would also include expansion of paved parking, drainage/ landscaping improvements, energy efficiency improvements, additional public meeting room areas, and office space.

The schedule for the project is shown below:

Task Completed By

Preliminary Design Complete April 2011
Site Civil Construction June 2011 to August 2011
Final Design July 2011
Building Construction August 2011 to March 2012

The total project budget is approximately $1,800,000; with construction estimated to be $1,500,000. This project is funded through a State of Alaska legislative grant ($1.4M) and matching City of Homer general fund reserve monies (.4M).

(updated 3/2/2011)