Inspection & Engineering

The Inspection/Engineering Division of Public Works is responsible for planning, permitting, design, and inspection of all road, water, sewer, drainage, harbor, and public building improvements; coordinates the placement of utilities, water/sewer service connections, driveways and other improvements within City rights-of-way. This division also provides review of all platting, zoning permits and subdivision development through the Planning Department.

*The project files, computer records and department as-builts records are maintained by the Inspector and Engineering Tech.
*The Inspector monitors job site activities and inspects contractor's work for compliance with contract specifications and City requirements.

Driveway Construction Instructions

A permit (apply at Public Works) to use or occupy roads or streets with access or driveway approaches must be obtained before any work starts within the limits of a street right-of-way. The Inspector will review the driveway site with permittee and/or contractor before construction begins and will advise permittee/contractor of the City requirements and issue the permit accordingly.

*After the driveway is completed, the City Inspector will inspect the work. If it is acceptable, the inspector will note on the permit that the construction is approved.
*If not acceptable, the Inspector will advise the permittee and/or contractor and note on the permit why it is unacceptable to the City.
*Should the permittee and/or contractor not know the exact date the driveway construction will begin, the Public Works Inspector must be notified at least 24 hours in advance as to when work will begin.

Construction Notes

*Stabilized fill material is required for the top two feet of the driveway for a distance of 15 feet from the shoulder line. Fill will not contain material exceeding two inches in diameter, and the top six inches within the ROW must match the top course material of the road surface, however, not exceeding one inch in diameter.
*Driveway will be constructed to match slope of shoulder, or travelled way if not shoulder, for a distance as directed by the Inspector.
*Stabilized material for bedding for a minimum distance of six inches around the culvert will not contain material exceeding two inches in diameter.
*All construction materials, methods and practices shall be in accordance with HMC Title 13, Standard Construction Practices. Homer City Code
*Contractor must be licensed in the State of Alaska, bonded and insured to work in the City ROW. (A copy of the Contractor's Business License and proof of insurance must be on file with the City Inspector.)