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Argentine Tango

Event Title: Argentine Tango
Date/Time: Mon, Jul 21st 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: Homer High School

A beginning tango class for all levels!   5 week course- Total of 10 classes.  The first hour is a lesson, then 30 minutes of

free dance at the end for a practica (a casual practice dance).

Maximum number of participants is 40, minimum is 10.  We will hold two milongas (formal dances) at dates that will depend on the people in the class and their schedules.

This class is taught by Tyler Haas and Emma James have both studied tango through all four years of college, attending milongas, festivals, and practicas all over Oregon.  They also recently returned from a trip to Argentina, where they tangoed almost every night.  

For question or information call 541-231-8970 or email

When: Mondays & Wednesday, 7:30-9pm; July 21 to August 20

Where:  Homer High

Fee: $30 Per person payable to instructor