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The City of Homer is pleased to release Open Budget, a integrated graphic tool to help the public, Council and departments track spending and understand the City of Homer operating budget. Open Budget charts the City of Homer budget in detail allowing open access to spending levels and year to date spending (data is updated quarterly). The graphic presentation is easy to follow and understand which increases the transparency of the budgeting process and allows the public to be more involved and educated about local government spending.

Key Topics

  • City of Homer Alaska Official Website

    In an effort to provide resources to the public on the budget process, the City has created a useful tool to help explain the budget gap, show options for correcting the deficit, and encourage debate on budget solutions.


  • City of Homer Alaska Official Website

    Prop 1 is going to the polls December 1st.

  • City of Homer Alaska Official Website

    City Manager Koester presented the Draft 2016 Budget at the October 12 Council meeting.

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  • City of Homer Alaska Official Website

    Revenue Solutions: Town Hall Meeting: Results

    The Town Hall held September 23rd at City Hall.  Turnout was good with over 50 attendees, 83% city residents.  The meeting opened with an overview from City Manager Koester and Mayor Wythe on where the City’s finances currently stand and meeting goals.  Community members in attendance were provided an opportunity to share their opinions and ask questions of the City Manager and Mayor.  The public was brought up to speed on the barriers, pros and cons of many different revenue options, however the 5 options that a) raised significant revenue and b) were feasible for 2016 were discussed in detail and the public was asked to share pros and cons of each option. After an open floor discussion of each option the audience was asked to vote on whether they would like to see these options enacted. 

  • City of Homer Alaska Official Website

    Closing the Gap: Results 


    Town Hall:

    The Town Hall meeting was held July 20th in City Hall.  We had a great turn out with approximately 100 attendees.  The community members in attendance were provided an opportunity to share their opinions on City provided service and City departments.  Participants were broken up into 4 separate groups,  they were given stickers to indicate “Level of Importance” and “Level of Service” of 51 City provided services and 12 City departments.  Department representatives and Council members were present in each group in order to answer questions community members had throughout the evening. The mood of the evening was very positive and constructive. Many thoughtful comments were made by the public, City representatives, and Council members.  If there was an overarching theme to the evening it was that the community enjoys and appreciates the vast majority of the services the City provides and is willing to incur new or increased taxes in order to pay for them.  

  • City of Homer Alaska Official Website

    The Police and Fire Department buildings have become functionally obsolete. They no longer can adequately support the essential services that these departments provide; and improved facilities are needed to allow the departments to meet the needs of a growing community. A committee has been established by the Council to oversee efforts to identify alternatives and make recommendations.

    Learn more: What is wrong with the old one? What is happening now? Fact sheet NEW: Space Needs Assessment

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