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Homer Alaska


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Closing the Gap: Results 


Town Hall:

The Town Hall meeting was held July 20th in City Hall.  We had a great turn out with approximately 100 attendees.  The community members in attendance were provided an opportunity to share their opinions on City provided service and City departments.  Participants were broken up into 4 separate groups,  they were given stickers to indicate “Level of Importance” and “Level of Service” of 51 City provided services and 12 City departments.  Department representatives and Council members were present in each group in order to answer questions community members had throughout the evening. The mood of the evening was very positive and constructive. Many thoughtful comments were made by the public, City representatives, and Council members.  If there was an overarching theme to the evening it was that the community enjoys and appreciates the vast majority of the services the City provides and is willing to incur new or increased taxes in order to pay for them.  

Key Topics