The Homer Police Department was organized in 1968 as part of the relatively new (Incorporated March 31, 1964) City of Homer's requirement for a "first class" city status. Clarence Fry was the first chief of police, from July 1, 1968 to July 6, 1970.  Don Maxon became chief from December 1, 1970 to November 15, 1973 when Michael Daugherty became the chief of police.  Mike Daugherty was chief from November 1, 1973 through August 31, 1995.  Upon Chief Daugherty's retirement, Dennis Oakland became chief on September 1, 1995.  Chief Oakland retired April 30, 1999.  Mark Robl, our current chief, was appointed chief on May 1, 1999, making him the current longest serving chief in Alaska.

Chief Fry started in a small white building at the corner of Pioneer and Main Streets.  This small building was built and used as the Homer Post Office, and later served as offices for the Homer Public Utility District before housing the newly formed police department.  In 1979 the Homer Police Department moved into a brand new building on Heath Street behind the fire department.  Over the years this building has expanded.  As a note of interest, when the department moved in 1979, that very week a disgruntled client of the department stole a Komatsu bulldozer at the bottom of Main Street, drove it up the street and into the front of the old police department building, apparently unaware that the department had moved.  Although badly damaged, the building was later rebuilt and served as a retail store for various buildings, continuing to do so today. 

The Homer Community Jail expanded from one cell, a giant metal box with bars on one side, to four cells when the police department moved into the new building.  It became a state contract facility in 1995 and now houses up to seven individuals for a maximum of 10 days.

The Homer Police Department has expanded substantially since 1968.  The department now employs one lieutenant, two patrol sergeants, one investigation sergeant, seven patrol officers, seven dispatchers and three full time corrections officers.  The department is the responsible agency for approximately 5,003 residents within the city limits.

The Homer Police Department strives to; protect the public from criminal wrongdoing, keep the peace and maintain order, assist in the orderly flow of traffic, serve the public in times of emergency and enforce the law of the land.