Memorandum 11-147 Borough Wide Mutual Aid Agreement

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Memo 11-147

To: Walt Wrede, City Manager
From: Bob Painter, Fire Chief
Date: November 22, 2011
Re: Borough-Wide Mutual Aid Agreement
After several years of stalled attempts, Eric Mohrmann of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Office of Emergency Management and the Kenai Peninsula Fire Chief’s Association has worked out an area wide mutual aid agreement. This agreement establishes policies and procedures for the provision of mutual aid resources not only among our nearest mutual aid partners but across the entire Kenai Peninsula.
As you may know Borough Service Area departments were prevented in sending personnel or apparatus outside their service area boundaries (in the absence of a mutual aid agreement) only upon the express permission of the Borough Mayor. This agreement will allow us to provide and receive mutual aid from any department adopting the agreement. This agreement does not bind us to send aid if/when we are unable to do so due to staffing shortages or local needs. I recommend the approval of this agreement.