Memorandum 12-003 Polymer Feed Equipment Replacement Wastewater Treatment Plant

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3575 HEATH STREET HOMER, AK 99603 FACSIMILE (907)235-3145


TO: Walt Wrede, City Manager

FROM: Carey Meyer, Public Works Director

DATE: December 28, 2011

RE: Polymer Feed Equipment Replacement
Wastewater Treatment Plant

Feeding polymer into the wastewater treatment process is critical to protecting Kachemak Bay from pollution. The original polymer feed equipment at the wastewater treatment plant (installed when the plant was constructed in the 1980’s) needs to be replaced.

The 2011 capital budget contained $35,000 for the design/replacement of this equipment. The cost to replace this equipment is considerably higher than originally projected.

Public Works has obtained quotes from three manufacturers. Below are the results:

Siemens $118,000
Acrison $113,000
Fluid Dynamics $101,800

Public Works proposes to purchase polymer feed equipment from Fluid Dynamics. Based on the quoted equipment purchase amount; below is the total cost of designing, purchasing and installing the new equipment:

Design $ 9,988 Total Cost $ 149,288
Equipment $ 101,800 Previously Budgeted $ 35,000
Installation $ 31,000 Addn. Funding Reqrd $ 114,288
Contingency (5%) $ 6,500
Total Cost $ 149,288

Recommendations: The City Council pass an ordinance amending the 2012 budget authorizing the expenditure of $114,288 from the Water/Sewer Reserve account and authorizing the City Manager to execute all appropriate documents necessary to complete the replacement of polymer feed equipment at the Homer wastewater treatment plant.