Memorandum 12-005 City Hall Expansion and Renovation Progress Update

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TO: Walt Wrede, City Manager

FROM: Carey Meyer, Public Works Director

DATE: January 3, 2012

RE: City Hall Expansion and Renovation
Progress Update

This project will be substantially complete by January 15, 2012. At that time the City Clerk and Finance personnel will be able to move back into their normal space and Administration, IT and Planning can move from their temporary quarters at the old middle school into their new office space.

The project will reach substantial completion a month earlier than expected; although the contract will remain open through the Spring to allow the final interior details to be completed, exterior site work to be finished, and art work to be installed.

The project has generally remained in budget. The expansion has proceeded pretty much as anticipated; the costs of unexpected problems were covered by the contingency. The renovation has also generally remained within budget, but there have been issues that arose that the contingency is having difficulty absorbing. These issues include:

• Temporary City Hall – The project is trying to absorb the cost of maintaining the temporary City Hall at the old middle school. The cost of providing internet access has been more expensive than originally anticipated. The cost of moving personnel and furniture during the project has also been more substantial than originally anticipated. ($13,500)
• Energy Efficiency Improvements – The renovation portion of the project required additional effort to provide lighting upgrades consistent with the expansion space and ventilation improvements in the Finance and new public areas (none existed). ($20,000)
• Civil Site Improvements – additional work at the entrance to the building to correct drainage problems, replace front entrance sidewalks, improve handicapped access, and provide minimal landscaping were more expensive than originally anticipated. ($9,500)
• Other Additional Work – The project now includes video teleconferencing equipment in the Council Chambers, external security video cameras (at each entrance), backflow prevention device on the water service, window blinds, and network/telephone service upgrades. ($25,000)

The exact costs of the above items will not be known until the project is completed and all invoices for work have been received, but an additional $60-$70,000 will be needed to complete the project as envisioned. (Current Budget - $2,359,980; Anticipated Budget Required - $2,430,000)