Memorandum 12-027 Recommendation from Public Arts Committee on Placement of Existing City Owned Artwork Within City Hall Public Areas

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Melissa Jacobsen, CMC, Deputy City Clerk II Extension: 2227
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Introduction :
The Public Arts Committee was given permission by the City Manager to provide their input and submit recommendations on where the city art collection should be displayed within the new and renovated City Hall building.

The Public Arts Committee goal is to bring to the public’s attention the many wonderful pieces of art the City of Homer has accumulated over the years. It is noted that many of these pieces were hidden away from the public view tucked away in cluttered cabinets and out of the way nooks and wall spaces as the building expanded over the years and the artwork was collected.

The Public Arts Committee at a Special Meeting on February 8, 2012 appointed by consensus Committee member Gaye Wolfe to work with Staff. The committee acknowledged that due to the immense collection and lack of secure display cabinets to exhibit the smaller pieces in the collection, a rotation schedule should be created and executed on a quarterly or bi-annual time frame.

The attached recommendations are a result of a walk through performed on February 13, 2012 by Ms. Wolfe with staff present. Full consideration was given to preferences expressed by staff within the building. It must be noted that the immense collection prohibits recommendations on displaying individual pieces at one time. The Public Arts Committee recommends a staged approach to accomplish this task.

Approve the recommendations of the Public Arts Committee as presented to display the City of Homer Art Collection.

Public Arts Committee Display Recommendations
Artwork Description/From Recommended Location

Wooden Birds – Russian Sister City SW Wall (Blue) at bottom of Stairs across from Elevator
Metal Boat/Don Henry Temporary Loan from Port & Harbor
Airplane Propeller/Don Henry Temporary – to be relocated to Airport when proper base is purchased or fabricated
Painting of a Volcano/Russian Sister City TBD
Green Trees/Diana Tillion City Clerk’s Office East Wall /Left Side
Moonlight/Diana Tillion Elevator Lobby/North Wall –Across from Elevator
Tree with Crows/Diana Tillion Elevator Lobby/North Wall – Across from Elevator
Horses in a Snowstorm/Diana Tillion Elevator Lobby/North Wall – Across from Elevator
Carved Fish – Wooden/Sister City Teshio East Wall Lobby – Upstairs – Across from Administration Entrance
Warrior Helmet – Sister City Teshio SE Corner at entrance to Administrative Offices
Matching Small Mirrored Outlines Japan Plaques/Sister City Teshio Hang on walls above Warrior Helmet at entrance to Administrative Office
Two framed Scarves/Sister City Teshio West Wall behind Receptionist Desk placed on horizontal
Stitched and Embroidered Japanese Dolls in case/Sister City Teshio West wall behind Receptionist desk placed between the two scarves
Large Two Warrior Linen Wall Hanging /Sister City Teshio East Wall Conference Room
Samurai Warrior on Horse Wall Hanging/Sister City Teshio West Wall Conference Room – Left of Thermostat
Samurai Swords (1 long 1 short)/Sister City Teshio West Wall Conference Room – Right of Thermostat
Large Painting Homer and Teshio Blend/Sister City Teshio SW Wall Right Side Council Chambers
Political Drawings (7) Mike O’Meara NW Wall to the Left of the Clerks Table Council Chambers
Painting of Brother Asaiah/Sherry Greer NW Wall just to the left of the City Clerk’s position in Council Chambers below speaker

Mural Photograph Citizens of Homer/Alan Parks
Main Hall Right Side Downstairs Clerk’s Office to the Planning Department
Small Wooden Owl/Sister City Teshio City Clerk’s Office East Wall
Children’s Artwork Various mediums/Sister City Teshio Placement in Public Restrooms, NW Wall to the Right of the Upstairs Public Restroom
Homer Pennock framed Photograph
Homer Historical items variety limited to 2 or 3 additional items East Wall, main entrance to the immediate left can be on a rotational basis. Keep items minimal to reduce clutter.
Notice Board Public Meetings/Informational Bulletin Board Main Entrance Pioneer Avenue
Homer, Alaska Teshio, Japan Sister City Sign Secondary Entrance Foyer Conference Room
Smaller Display Items – Varied – Russian and Japan Sister City Main Display Cabinet – Conference Room
Documentation items – Rotary – Awards TBD
Large Glass Encased Shrine/ Sister City Teshio TBD
Musical Instrument/Sister City Teshio TBD – Rotational Schedule Item
Wooden Golf Clubs/Sister City Teshio TBD – Rotational Schedule Item
Wooden Spoon TBD – Rotational Schedule Item
Gold & Black Swan Wooden Bowl with Cups TBD – Rotational Schedule Item
Aqua Colored Vase with Bamboo Arrangement TBD – Rotational Schedule Item
Carved Burl Vase TBD
Ceramic vase TBD
Wooden Shoes TBD
Cloth Fan/Sister City Teshio TBD – Rotational Schedule item
Miscellaneous Pictures and Plaques – Achievements, Visits, etc. TBD

The Public Arts Committee further recommends purchase of additional display cabinetry that can be locked, and framing of current art for protection and preservation.