Memorandum 12-128 Formation of Kenai Peninsula Development Coalition

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To: Mayor Hornaday and City Council
From: Katie Koester, Community and Economic Development Coordinator
Through: Walt Wrede, City Manager
Date: August 10, 2012
Subject: Report on proposed formation of Kenai Peninsula Development Coalition

The purpose of this memo is to update the Mayor and Council on the proposed formation of the Kenai Peninsula Economic Coalition. City Manager Wrede sent staff to a board meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District Board of Directors, Peninsula chamber directors and Municipalities on Wednesday August 8th. At that meeting the idea was reintroduced to form a group that could advocate for Peninsula interests. The idea was that by coming together we could have a stronger regional voice and be more successful lobbying for area interests, particularly in Juneau. The organization would act much like the Southeast Municipal Conference or Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference, both strong presences in Juneau for economic development. The current proposal is that membership would consist of representatives of corporations, tribes, chambers of commerce and municipalities of the Kenai Peninsula Borough. Any person, individual, business corporation, association or governmental agency could become a nonvoting Associate Member. Meetings would occur or a regular basis with a rotating location. Specifics such as the organizational structure, dues and budget are being discussed.
The group set a follow up meeting date of September 12th. After that date I will be able to provide the council with more information on the dues structure, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation and ask for feedback regarding the council’s interest in participating.
The meeting also discussed the Kenai Peninsula Industry Outlook Forum which will be held in Homer this year, January 31st and February 2st, 2013. It will be a great opportunity to showcase our community. The City will be working with organizers on ways to highlight Homer.