Memorandum 13-017 Changes to the Natural Gas Preliminary Assessment Roll


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To: Mayor Wythe and Homer City Council
Through: Walt Wrede, City Manager, Rick Abboud, City Planner
From: Julie Engebretsen, Planning Technician
Date: January 22, 2013
Subject: Ordinance 13-02

Changes to the Preliminary Assessment Roll between September 24, 2012, and January 28th, 2013.
This memo describes changes to the assessment roll between September 24th, 2012, Resolution 12-081, and the final public hearing scheduled for January 28th 2013. These changes fall in two categories; lands that have changed through a platting action recorded on or prior to January 28th, 2013, and additional lands that should be exempt from the district per Resolution 12-076.

Any plats recorded on or before January 28 will be added to this list prior to the February 11th adoption of Ordinance 13-02.

These changes are not expected to substantially change the per lot cost of the assessments levied on the properties in the district. There will be new lots created through subdividing in the timeframe of the district.

Platting Actions
The attached table describes the changes to the assessment roll due to recorded plats between September 24th, 2012, and the creation of the district scheduled on January 28th, 2013   per HCC 17.04.050.

Lot Exemptions
At the neighborhood meetings, staff was approached by a few land owners, requesting their lots be exempted from the assessment district. The lots all have severe development constraints. The attached table identifies these lots and the reason for exemption.