Memorandum 14-041 Citizens Academy Update Week 2

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Memorandum 14-041

TO:                      Honorable Mayor Wythe and Homer City Council

THROUGH:      Walt Wrede, City Manager

FROM:                Katie Koester, Community and Economic Development Coordinator

DATE:                 March 5, 2014

SUBJECT:         City of Homer Citizens Academy Update: Week 2

The purpose of this memo is to update Council on the City of Homer Citizens Academy.

The City of Homer Citizens Academy has met twice since the last Council meeting. Twelve participants attended the first class full of enthusiasm and a genuine interest in learning about the City of Homer. Reasons for participating in the Academy ranged from new residents inquisitive about their new home town, general curiosity about local government, to people wanting better context for the conversations and criticisms they hear about the City of Homer.

The first class covered Office of the City Manager, City Attorney and Office of the City Clerk. The presenters did an excellent job explaining their departments and the participants had thoughtful questions. The second class was a tour of the Homer Port and Harbor. The Port and Harbor went all out showcasing their department. Division directors had prepared presentations highlighting each division. The evening included a driving tour of the Deep Water Dock and recent improvements to the Harbor, dinner in the maintenance shop, and a tour of the ice plant. A ‘day in the life of a harbor officer’  dock walk ended with a demonstration of the Harbor tug capabilities. The staff did a great job conveying the message of customer service throughout the evening and the pride and enthusiasm employees felt for their job was contagious.  Every class ends with an evaluation, and the reviews for both classes have been great. I am proud of the work everyone is putting into the Academy and think it has been very successful thus far.

The next class is March 6 and will showcase the Homer Public Library, Information Technology and Personnel.