Memorandum 14-077 Conversion of City Facilities to Natural Gas

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Memorandum 14-077


TO:                      Walt Wrede, City Manager


FROM:                Carey Meyer, Public Works Director


DATE:                 May 1, 2014


RE:                       Conversion of City Facilities to Natural Gas (2014)

                              Recommendations for Funding Authorization



Public Works is preparing to convert additional City facilities to natural gas (those that did not receive service last year).  Earlier this year City Hall, Public Works, the library, the animal shelter, the sewer treatment plant, and the airport terminal were converted. The police and fire stations, and harbormaster’s office are not scheduled to be converted due to their eminent replacement. Converting the two HERC buildings and the Fish Dock Ice House does not seem reasonable at this time. The work anticipated this year is the conversion at the water treatment plant, the harbor maintenance shop and 4 restrooms on the Spit (Ramp 2, 4, 6 and the load and launch restroom).


The costs of converting the remaining City buildings are summarized below.


Account No.                                                 Description                                                                  Amount


100-100 (General Reserve)                     Spit Restrooms (4) Gas Conversion                  $  34,386

456-380 (Harbor Reserve)                      Harbor Shop Gas Conversion                                             $  32,248

256-378 (Water Reserve)                        Water Treatment Plant Gas Conversion        $  32,640


                                                                                                                                       Total                   $99,274


Recommendations:  The City Council pass an ordinance authorizing a budget for the conversion of the City buildings listed above to natural gas and authorize the City Manager to execute all appropriate documents.