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Memorandum 14-082 Police Special Services Contract Renewal for 2015

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Tue, May 27th, 2014 6:00pm



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Memorandum 14-082

TO:                      Walt Wrede, City Manager


FROM:                Mark Robl, Chief of Police

DATE:                 May 12, 2014

SUBJECT:         FY 2015 Special Services Contract Renewal


The State Troopers have requested that we renew the special services contract we have with them. I recommend we obtain council approval to renew this contract.


We have had a special services contract with the state for over 25 years. The contract reimburses us for allowing troopers to use our facilities and equipment as needed. It also pays us for transporting state prisoners to and from arraignments and for housing their title 47 detainees. The state proposes to renew the contract at the existing rate of $36,000 annually. I feel that this very fair compensation for the services we provide to them.




Adopt the resolution renewing the Special Services Contract for FY 2015 with the Alaska Department of Public Safety.