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Memorandum 14-094 Strategic Implementation Planning

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Mon, Jun 9th, 2014 6:00pm


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Memorandum 14-094

TO:                      Mayor Wythe and Homer City Council          

THROUGH:      Walt Wrede, City Manager                   

FROM:                Katie Koester, Community and Economic Development Coordinator   

DATE:                 June 4, 2014

SUBJECT:         Strategic Implementation Planning

The purpose of this memo is to update the Mayor and Council on my understanding of the strategic planning needs of the City/Council. After input from the body, I will submit a proposal to the 3 organizations I have been in contact with that provide planning facilitation and collect feedback on their ability to meet the specific goals and objectives as defined by the Council.[1]  It is important that the Council is on the same page to lay a strong foundation for the planning process.  

Strategic planning can be very time intensive; the City of Valdez spent a year and a half developing a strategic plan for the community. The goal for this planning session is simpler; to build on the work that has gone into the many plans the City, with input from the public, has. From what I understand, rather than a strategic plan the Council is looking for an action plan; however some strategizing needs to be done first. Rather than laying out a broad and long term vision for the City, the purpose of the ‘action plan’ is to lay out specific goals and steps needed to achieve them.  Because the Council has limited time to dedicate to this process a small group, such as key staff and the mayor, will need to work with the consultant to narrow the focus and put together an agenda for the session. Taking all the implementation items from the many City of Homer plans is far too intimidating of a task for a large group to take on.

The strategic planning with the Council may have to occur in two planning sessions: 1) to establish the Council’s priorities and goals and 2) A strategy for implementing the goals and priorities identified.


Scope of Work:

The Homer City council is interested in a facilitated planning session to help narrow and target the direction and focus of the City and City projects. The City has developed many plans over the years with extensive public input. However, the need exists for a global vision on prioritizing and executing these plans. To put it bluntly, the City needs a plan for implementing the plans.

Current plans include:

-Comprehensive Plan (2008 adopted 2010)

-Capital Improvement Plan (updated annually)

-Water and Sewer Master Plan (2006)

               -City of Homer Non-motorized Trails and Transportation Plan (2004)

-Homer Area Transportation Plan (2005)

-Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (2011)

-Homer Spit Plan (2011)

-Homer Town Center Development Plan (2006)

-Land Allocation Plan (updated annually)


Others (individual park plans):

-Karen Hornaday Park Master Plan

-Diamond Creek Recreation Area Plan


Time frame: The City is interested in hiring a facilitator for a one day session, approximately 8hours. This may be followed up with a second planning session at a later date.

Budget: $5,000-$7,000

End product: A five year action plan that prioritizes City projects and areas of focus.

Requested Action:

Provide staff with feedback on the proposal for strategic implementation planning. Discuss potential dates (at least broadly) to give staff a starting place for communicating with facilitators and gauging the time line for work that has to be done before the 8 hour planning session.


[1] University of Alaska Center for Economic Development, Angew::Beck, and Information Insights.