Property Management Policy and Procedures

The Property Lease Management Policies contained herein are authorized by HCC 18.08 and are intended to provide guidance, clarity, and standardization for all leasing activities on City owned property. It is the policy of the City of Homer to lease property when it is in the overall best interest of the City to do so. The City will seek to maximize the value of its assets and lease property for the highest and best use. It is the policy of the City to implement its leasing program in a fair and nondiscriminatory manner. Opportunities for long term leases on City owned properties will be made available to the public through the RFP process described herein. It is the policy of the City to lease property for a specific purpose or use. Leasing for the purpose of speculation and/or subleasing land will be discouraged.

For further information or questions on leasing please contact City of Homer Administration at (907) 235-8121 x2222