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Click here for archived memorandums from 1999-2009

Search below for memorandums from 2010 to present.

ID Title Details
10-061 Memorandum 10-61 Executive Session (Ordinance 10-21) view details
10-060 Memorandum 10-60 Vacation of Portion of Hough Road & Utility Easement view details
10-059 Memorandum 10-59 Commission Appointments view details
10-058 Memorandum 10-58 Purchase of Bridge Creek Watershed Property Near the Water Treatment Plant view details
10-057 Memorandum 10-57 Award of Contract for Junk Car Disposal view details
10-056 Memorandum 10-56 Comprehensive Plan view details
10-055 Memorandum 10-55 Grant Application for Karen Hornaday Park view details
10-054 Memorandum 10-54 Request for Executive Session ( Ethics Case 2009-01/Time Extension view details
10-053 Memorandum 10-53 Liquor License Renewal view details
10-052 Memorandum 10-52 Draft Land Allocations view details
10-051 Memorandum 10-51 Steel Grid Shore Power Pedestal view details
10-050 Memorandum 10-50 Request for Executive Session (Ocean Drive Loop Seawall) view details
10-049 Memorandum 10-49 Community Schools/Community Recreation view details
10-048 Memorandum 10-48 Amendment to GC1 Zoning District view details
10-047 Memorandum 10-47 Salary and Benefits Study view details
10-046 Memorandum 10-46 Lease Committee Land Allocation Plan Recommendations view details
10-045 Memorandum 10-45 Port and Harbor Advisory Commission Land Allocation Plan Recommendations view details
10-044 Memorandum 10-44 Website Redesign Recommendation view details
10-043 Memorandum 10-43 Revolving Energy Fund view details
10-042 Memorandum 10-42 Liquor License Renewal view details
10-041 Memorandum 10-41 Request for Hearing Extension view details
10-040 Memorandum 10-40 Request for Executive Session (Ocean Drive Loop Seawall) view details
10-039 Memorandum 10-39 Airport Roll-Up Baggage Door Replacement Recommendations view details
10-038 Memorandum 10-38 Request for Executive Session (Griswold v. COH & Blackwell; Griswold v.COH, City Clerk, KSMA) view details
10-037 Memorandum 10-37 Maritime Academy Information view details
10-036 Memorandum 10-36 Soundview/Woodard Creek Sanitary Sewer Repair view details
10-035 Memorandum 10-35 RFP for Investment Services of the Permanent Fund view details
10-034 Memorandum 10-34 Beluga Slough Trail Improvements view details
10-033 Memorandum 10-33 Finding for Junk Car Removal view details
10-032 Memorandum 10-32 Lease Policy view details
10-031 Memorandum 10-31 City Hall Legislative Grant view details
10-030 Memorandum 10-30 Request for Executive Session (City Manager Wrede Annual Performance Evaluation/Employment Grant) view details
10-029 Memorandum 10-29 Request for Executive Session (BOA Draft Decision Griswold vs. Blackwell) view details
10-028 Memorandum 10-28 Public Works/PH Maintenance Vehicle Bid view details
10-027 Memorandum 10-27 Homer Sanitary Sewer Rehab Project view details
10-026 Memorandum 10-26 Commission Appointments view details
10-025 Memorandum 10-25 Liquor License Renewal view details
10-024 Memorandum 10-24 Travel Authorization for City Manager to Attend March/April Legislative Session view details
10-023 Memorandum 10-23 Amending Resiential Office Zoning District view details
10-022 Memorandum 10-22 Amending Bridge Creek Watershed Protection District view details
10-021 Memorandum 10-21 Rolling Stock Activity Statistics view details
10-020 Memorandum 10-20 Kachemak Drive Phase II Water and Sewer Project Request for Direction view details
10-019 Memorandum 10-19 Travel Authorization for Mayor to attend Legislative Meetings view details
10-018 Memorandum 10-18 Liquor License Renewal view details
10-017 Memorandum 10-17 Hickerson Cemetery Expansion/Maintenance Costs view details
10-016 Memorandum 10-16 Hickerson Memorial Cemetery Purchase of Additional Lands view details
10-015 Memorandum 10-15 Ocean Drive Loop Special Service District view details
10-014 Memorandum 10-14 Request for Executive Session (Ethics Case 2009-01) view details
10-013 Memorandum 10-13 Street Name Changes view details
10-012 Memorandum 10-12 Amending Standards for Mobile Homes view details
10-011 Memorandum 10-11 Comprehensive Plan Adoption view details
10-010 Memorandum 10-10 Port and Harbor Bylaw Change Re: Teleconferencing view details
10-009 Memorandum 10-09 Port and Harbor Advisory Commission Bylaw Change Meeting Time view details
10-008 Memorandum 10-08 Lease Committee Recommendations for RFP Lot 8D1, Homer Spit #6 view details
10-007 Memorandum 10-07 Home Run Oil Proposal view details
10-006 Memorandum 10-06 Authorize Increase ARRA Loan Amount for Vacuum Type Street Sweeper view details
10-005 Memorandum 10-05 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilibation Project Construction Contract Award view details
10-004 Memorandum 10-04 Contract for Pressure Reducing Vault Replacement Project view details
10-003 Memorandum 10-03 Council Seating view details
10-002 Memorandum 10-02 Permanent Fund Committee Appointments and Re-appointments view details
10-001 Memorandum 10-01 Liquor License Renewals view details