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ID Details
17-019 Memorandum 17-019 Proposed Greatland Street Extension View Details
17-018 Memorandum 17-018 Waiver of Penalties for Natural Gas Assessments View Details
17-017 Memorandum 17-017 Temporary Shelter for People From Cold Weather View Details
17-016 Memorandum 17-016 Travel to Alaska Municipal League Winter Legislative Conference View Details
17-015 Memorandum 17-015 Liquor License Renewals View Details
17-014 Memorandum 17-014 Reappointments to the Port and Harbor Advisory Commission View Details
17-013 Memorandum 17-013 Icicle Seafoods Lease Lot 41 Homer Spit View Details
17-012 Memorandum 17-012 Planning Commission Review of Title 21 Amendments View Details
17-011 Memorandum 17-011 Executive Session for Briefing of Homer Police Department Investigation View Details
17-010 Memorandum 17-010 Final Costs for Shellfish Avenue/South Slope Drive Water Main Extension Project View Details
17-009 Memorandum 17-009 Add Technical Review of Communication Tower Application to Fee Schedule View Details
17-008 Memorandum 17-008 Revise Fish Dock Crane Use Agreements View Details
17-007 Memorandum 17-007 Bid Award East Bunnell Ave. Storm Drain Rehabilitation Project View Details
17-006 Memorandum 17-006 Executive Session for City Manager Evaluation View Details
17-005 Memorandum 17-005 Amendments for Disposition of Offenses by Bail Forfeiture View Details
17-004 Memorandum 17-004 Adding Grubstake Avenue and Snowbird Street to the Official Road Maintenance Map View Details
17-003 Memorandum 17-003 New Liquor License Bluff Point Lighthouse Grill View Details
17-002 Memorandum 17-002 Liquor License Renewals View Details
17-001 Memorandum 17-001 Appointments to the Economic Development Advisory Commission View Details
16-195 Memorandum 16-195 Vacate Trail Easement Guy Waddell Subdivision View Details
16-194 Memorandum 16-194 Library Advisory Board 2017 Meeting Schedule View Details
16-193 Memorandum 16-193 Economic Development Advisory Commission 2017 Meeting Schedule View Details
16-192 Memorandum 16-192 Port and Harbor Advisory Commission 2017 Meeting Schedule View Details
16-191 Memorandum 16-191 Library Advisory Board 2017 Meeting Schedule View Details
16-190 Memorandum 16-190 PARC Advisory Commission 2017 Meeting Schedule View Details
16-189 Memorandum 16-189 Cannabis Advisory Commission 2017 Meeting Schedule View Details
16-188 Memorandum 16-188 Planning Commission 2017 Meeting Schedule View Details
16-187 Memorandum 16-187 Denial of Vacation of Right-of-Way on Mission Road View Details
16-186 Memorandum 16-186 Liquor License Renewals for Otter Room and Beluga Lake Lodge View Details
16-185 Memorandum 16-185 Appointment to Parks Art Recreation and Culture Advisory Commission View Details
16-184 Memorandum 16-184 Dispatch Consolidation View Details
16-183 Memorandum 16-183 Employee Health Insurance for 2017 View Details
16-182 Memorandum 16-182 United States Coast Guard Lease View Details
16-181 Memorandum 16-181 'Husky Star' Art Donation View Details
16-180 Memorandum 16-180 Lease Advisors Recommendations on Spit Leases View Details
16-179 Memorandum 16-179 Pier One Theatre Lease View Details
16-178 Memorandum 16-178 Seven Seas Fish Company/Fish Factory Lease View Details
16-177 Memorandum 16-177 Bob's Trophy Charters Lease View Details
16-176 Memorandum 16-176 Rescheduling the November and December Council Meetings View Details
16-175 Memorandum 16-175 Amendments to Fee Schedule View Details
16-174 Memorandum 16-174 Bunnell Street Storm Drain Pipe Repair View Details
16-173 Memorandum 16-173 Amend Library Registration Card Policy View Details
16-172 Memorandum 16-172 Selection and Appointment of Mayor Pro Tempore for 2016/2017 View Details
16-171 Memorandum 16-171 Travel Authorization for Mayor and Council to Attend Alaska Municipal League Conference View Details
16-170 Memorandum 16-170 Appointments to Library Advisory Board and Planning Commission View Details
16-169 Memorandum 16-169 City Planner to Make Recommendations on Marijuana Establishments View Details
16-168 Memorandum 16-168 Contract Award Library Generator View Details
16-167 Memorandum 16-167 2017-2022 Capital Improvement Plan View Details
16-166 Memorandum 16-166 Animal Shelter Contract Award View Details
16-165 Memorandum 16-165 Homer Fire Hall Natural Gas and Energy Efficient Lighting View Details
16-164 Memorandum 16-164 Vegetation in Road Right-of-Ways View Details
16-163 Memorandum 16-163 Amend HCC 21.62.040 Designating City Planner to Approve All Marijuana Applications View Details
16-162 Memorandum 16-162 Committee to Develop an Outreach Program View Details
16-161 Memorandum 16-161 Match Funds From Homer Animal Friends to Purchase Doggie Bags and Dispensers View Details
16-160 Memorandum 16-160 Jack Gist Park Noise Concerns View Details
16-159 Memorandum 16-159 Appointments to Library Advisory Board and Parks Art Recreation & Culture Advisory Commission View Details
16-158 Memorandum 16-158 Contract Award Library Emergency Generator Installation View Details
16-157 Memorandum 16-157 Contract Award Lillian Walli Eric Lane Road and Sewer View Details
16-156 Memorandum 16-156 FEMA FY2015 SAFER Assistance to Firefighters Grant Award View Details
16-155 Memorandum 16-155 Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant View Details
16-154 Memorandum 16-154 Watercolor Art Donation to the Library View Details
16-153 Memorandum 16-153 Beluga Slough Trail Extension View Details
16-152 Memorandum 16-152 Graduated Harbor Moorage Rate Structure View Details
16-151 Memorandum 16-151 Donation of Sculpture 'Bookworm' to the Library View Details
16-150 Memorandum 16-150 Donation of Sculpture 'Bookworm' for the Library View Details
16-149 Memorandum 16-149 Homeland Security Program Grant Award View Details
16-148 Memorandum 16-148 Contract Award for Snow Removal and Sanding 2016-2019 View Details
16-147 Memorandum 16-147 Liquor License Transfer for Cafe Cups View Details
16-146 Memorandum 16-146 Planning Commission Response to KPB Ordinance 2016-25 View Details
16-145 Memorandum 16-145 Capital Improvement Plan 2017-2022 & FY 2018 Legislative Request View Details
16-144 Memorandum 16-144 Election Judges for October 4, 2016 Election View Details
16-143 Memorandum 16-143 Port and Harbor High Mast LED Lights View Details
16-142 Memorandum 16-142 Contract Award for Kachemak Drive III Water & Sewer Project View Details
16-141 Memorandum 16-141 Parks Recreation Art and Culture Bylaws View Details
16-140 Memorandum 16-140 Appointments to Library Advisory Board and PARC Commission View Details