Water & Sewer General Information

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Public Works operates and maintains the water treatment plant and 42.36 miles of water distribution lines, five water storage tanks, 22 water pressure reducing stations, and over 300 fire hydrants.  There are approximately 1500 water connections.  The membrane water treatment plant can treat 2 million gallons per day, and can be easily expanded to 3 million gallons per day.  The water plant has the capacity to meet existing drinking water, fire demand and commercial/industrial uses, and to meet increased demands as the community grows.  The plant provides water quality that exceeds EPA drinking water standards.

Public Works also operates and maintains the sewer treatment plant and 49.19 miles of 8"-24" diameter wastewater collection lines, and nine sewer lift stations.  There are approximately 1500 sewer connections.  The innovative deep shaft treatment plant can treat a peak flow of 1.4 million gallons per day.  The average flow is 880,000 gallons per day.  The plant has capacity to accept increased flows as the community grows.  The plant provides primary and secondary treatment before discharging to Kachemak Bay, through a 2000 foot long submerged outfall pipe.