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User Friendly Updates to Homer City Code Online

Press release date: Mon Jan 20th, 2014
City of Homer Alaska Official Website

The Homer City Code has been recodified and all new updates will be handled by Code Publishing in a timely manner. You can access the city code on the Clerk’s webpage or at:

Some of the functions:

  • Share: Send links to code sections instantly via email, Facebook & Twitter
  • Print and Save Selections:  in Word, PDF , great for drafting amendments to the code
  • Code Tips: Hover over section cites to display pop-up text previews
  • Scope Searching: Search one or more titles or documents
  • Code updates are online timely; paper updates biannually

Items to simplify and enhance research:

  • Links to: State Statutes
  • Zoning definitions: Pop-up box displays defined terms; this is a feature preferred by planners
  • All Ordinances are included
  • Uncodified ordinances are linked to the table
  • Ordinance search: click an underlined ordinance number in the table to find all sections where it is codified
  • Code Locator Bar: displays the code location in the navigation bar as the code is viewed