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2014 has been another busy construction season for the City of Homer. The Homer Port and Harbor is undergoing major improvements, including new floats, power pedestals, a new ramp and harbormaster's office. Many new trails have been put in such as the Boardwalk and Coal Point Trail that extend the popular Homer Spit Trail to the end of the Spit. Parks have seen improvements - the old picnic shelter at Karen Hornaday Park was relocated and Bishops Beach parking lot was paved. For a complete account of improvements, click here.

City of Homer Alaska Official Website

As routine maintenance, and to improve the quality of your drinking water the City of Homer, Public Works Department  will be flushing the water system city wide through the summer and fall.&n

City of Homer Alaska Official Website

The Police and Fire Department buildings have become functionally obsolete. They no longer can adequately support the essential services that these departments provide; and improved facilities are needed to allow the departments to meet the needs of a growing community. A committee has been established by the Council to oversee efforts to identify alternatives and make recommendations.

Learn more: What is wrong with the old one? What is happening now? Fact sheet NEW: Space Needs Assessment

Key Topics

As authorized by the City Council, Public Works has been coordinating the evaluation of energy use at sixteen City facilities to identify cost effective improvements that could be made to reduce en

The project consists of the reconstruction of a major portion of the Beluga Slough Trail. This trail connects the Island and Oceans Visitor Center to the beach at Bishop’s Beach Park.

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Washington D.C.-based Environmental Working Group provoked a national controversy recently when it released a study that found levels of hexavalent chromium, commonly referred to as chromium-6, in 31 cities that was higher than the health goal proposed last year by the state of California.

City of Homer Alaska Official Website

Homer sewer reduced energy usage by 16% last year, that is enough to power more than 8 homes a year!

Hydrant Flushing

Periodically, you will see Public Works personnel releasing water from fire hydrants. Homer residents often ask why the City flushes water from fire hydrants.