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Click here for archived memorandums from 1999-2009

Search below for memorandums from 2010 to present.

ID Title Details
12-180 Memorandum 12-180 Appointment of Joshua Ross to the Economic Development Advisory Commission view details
12-179 Memorandum 12-179 Liquor License Renewals for Beluga Lake Lodge and Best Western Bidarka Inn view details
12-178 Memorandum 12-178 Executive Session to Discuss Court Cases view details
12-177 Memorandum 12-177 Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention: The Green Dot Strategy view details
12-176 Memorandum 12-176 Code Blue Grant Request view details
12-175 Memorandum 12-175 Post Travel Authorization for Councilmember Dolma to Attend Alaska Municipal League 62nd Annual Local Government Conference view details
12-174 Memorandum 12-174 Vacate Pedestrian and Utility Easement Pratt Museum Replat view details
12-173 Memorandum 12-173 OWL Project Grant for a Temporary Part-Time IT Aide view details
12-172 Memorandum 12-172 Highway Safety Grant view details
12-171 Memorandum 12-171 Appointment of Larry Slone to the Planning Commission view details
12-170 Memorandum 12-170 Application for Liquor License Renewal for Boardwalk Fish and Chips and a New Liquor License Application for the Sourdough view details
12-169 Memorandum 12-169 Additional Funds for Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon Dredging Project view details
12-168 Memorandum 12-168 Amending Composition of the Water and Sewer Task Force view details
12-167 Memorandum 12-167 Selection/Appointment of Councilmember to Fill Vacancy view details
12-166 Memorandum 12-166 Rasmuson Foundation Tier I Award for the Library view details
12-165 Memorandum 12-165 Survey Work on Kachemak Drive Pathway view details
12-164 Memorandum 12-164 Support for the Kachemak Drive Pathway view details
12-163 Memorandum 12-163 Kachemak Drive Path Committee Support for Pathway view details
12-162 Memorandum 12-162 Road Maintenance Map Additions of Kestrel Circle and Portion of Golden Plover Avenue view details
12-161(A) Memorandum 12-161(A) Appointments to Economic Development Advisory Commission, Port and Harbor Improvement Committee, and Water and Sewer Rate Task Force view details
12-160 Memorandum 12-160 Lease Assignment of Lot 88-1 Homer Spit view details
12-159 Memorandum 12-159 Budget for Natural Gas Assessment District view details
12-158 Memorandum 12-158 Public Arts Committee Capital Improvement Plan Recommendations view details
12-157 Memorandum 12-157 Selection of Mayor Pro Tempore for 2012/2013 view details
12-156 Memorandum 12-156 Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon Dredging Contract Award view details
12-155 Memorandum 12-155 Budget 2013 Requests from Public Arts Committee view details
12-154 Memorandum 12-154 Correction of Account Code on Ordinance 12-33(A)(S) view details
12-153 Memorandum 12-153 Travel Authorization for Mayor-Elect and Councilmembers to Alaska Municipal League Conference view details
12-152 Memorandum 12-152 Funds for Surveying and Engineering a Section of the Proposed Kachemak Non-Motorized Pathway view details
12-151 Memorandum 12-151 Reappointments to Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission and Lease Committee view details
12-150 Memorandum 12-150 Contract Award for Snow Removal and Sanding Services 2012-2015 view details
12-149 Memorandum 12-149 Art Selection Proposals for Public Restrooms Project view details
12-148 Memorandum 12-148 Economic Outlook Forum 2013 Sponsorship view details
12-147 Memorandum 12-147 Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon Dredging Appropriation view details
12-146 Memorandum 12-146 Election Workers for the Regular City of Homer Election on October 2, 2012 view details
12-145 Memorandum 12-145 Executive Session on Court Case Dietzmann vs. City of Homer view details
12-144 Memorandum 12-144 Hornaday Park Red Shed Removal Contract Award view details
12-143 Memorandum 12-143 Mayor's Veto of Ordinance 12-36(A) view details
12-142 Memorandum 12-142 Kachemak Drive Path view details
12-141 Memorandum 12-141 Port and Harbor Project Additions for 2013 - 2018 Capital Improvement Plan view details
12-140 Memorandum 12-140 Employee Wellness Program view details
12-139 Memorandum 12-139 Appointment of Kevin Walker to the Transportation Advisory Committee view details
12-138 Memorandum 12-138 Capital Improvement Plan 2013-2018 and FY 2018 Legislative Request view details
12-137 Memorandum 12-137 Executive Session Attorney Update on Hogan vs. City of Homer Court Case view details
12-136 Memorandum 12-136 Mariner Park Driveway Construction Contract view details
12-135 Memorandum 12-135 Employee Wellness Program view details
12-134 Memorandum 12-134 Online Calculator for Natural Gas Conversion Costs view details
12-134 Memorandum 12-134 Online Calculator for Natural Gas Conversion Costs view details
12-133 Memorandum 12-133 Public Art Selection Committee for 1% for Art Restrooms view details
12-132 Memorandum 12-132 Funding for Homer High School Track Additives view details
12-131 Memorandum 12-131 Septic Tank Pumping Contract view details
12-130 Memorandum 12-130 Denali Commission Harbor Projects view details
12-129 Memorandum 12-129 Contract Award for 2012 Street Paving Project view details
12-128 Memorandum 12-128 Formation of Kenai Peninsula Development Coalition view details
12-127 Memorandum 12-127 Main Street and Sterling Highway Intersection view details
12-126 Memorandum 12-126 Airport Parking Lot Paving Project view details
12-125 Memorandum 12-125 Webber Subdivision Road Reconstruction and Paving Special Assessment District view details
12-124 Memorandum 12-124 Art Selection Committee for Four Public Restrooms view details
12-123 Memorandum 12-123 Port and Harbor Office Building view details
12-122 Memorandum 12-122 Executive Session for Court Cases Griswold vs. City of Homer and Dietzmann vs. City of Homer view details
12-121 Memorandum 12-121 Funding for a New Port and Harbor Building view details
12-120 Memorandum 12-120 Airport Sewer Line Replacement view details
12-119 Memorandum 12-119 Natural Gas Distribution Special Assessment District view details
12-118 Memorandum 12-118 Request for Public Art Donation and Installation view details
12-117 Memorandum 12-117 Alaska Public Library Grant Award and Budget Revision view details
12-116 Memorandum 12-116 Scanner and Boiler Unit Request from Public Works view details
12-115 Memorandum 12-115 Budget Request for New Library Software view details
12-114 Memorandum 12-114 Funding for a New Port and Harbor Building view details
12-113 Memorandum 12-113 Purchase of Tablet Devices view details
12-112 Memorandum 12-112 Executive Session for Update on Lawsuit Hogan vs. City of Homer view details
12-111 Memorandum 12-111 Deep Water Dock Fender Re[;ace,emt Award & Budget Change view details
12-110 Memorandum 12-110 Municipal Harbor Grant view details
12-109 Memorandum 12-109 Deep Water Dock Fender Replacement Contract Award view details
12-108 Memorandum 12-108 Beluga Slough Trail Reconstruction view details
12-107 Memorandum 12-107 Special Act Appropriations Project (SAAP) Grant for Water Distribution Improvements view details