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Click here for archived memorandums from 1999-2009

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ID Title Details
13-129 Memorandum 13-129 Preliminary Design of the Proposed Public Safety Building view details
13-128 Memorandum 13-128 Changes to the Natural Gas Preliminary Assessment Roll Between January 28 and August 27, 2013 view details
13-127 Memorandum 13-127 Change Order to the Puffin Electric System 5 Contract view details
13-126 Memorandum 13-126 Discontinued Nonconforming Uses view details
13-125 Memorandum 13-125 Amendment to Kachemak Drive Phase II Water & Sewer Assessment Roll view details
13-124 Memorandum 13-124 Capital Improvement Plan Projects of Public Safety Building and East to West Transportation Corridor view details
13-123 Memorandum 13-123 November City Council Meeting Schedule view details
13-122 Memorandum 13-122 Confirmation of Election Judges for October 1, 2013 Election view details
13-121 Memorandum 13-121 Capital Improvement Plan Recommendations view details
13-120 Memorandum 13-120 August Worksession on Strategic Planning for Capital Improvement Projects view details
13-119 Memorandum 13-119 Contract Award for Karen Hornaday Park Picnic Shelter Construction Project view details
13-118 Memorandum 13-118 Contract Award for Homer Redwood Tank Demolition Project view details
13-117 Memorandum 13-117 Purchase of Lot for New Water Tank view details
13-116 Memorandum 13-116 Health Insurance Mid Year Budget Adjustment view details
13-115 Memorandum 13-115 2014-2019 Capital Improvement Plan and 2015 Legislative Requests view details
13-114 Memorandum 13-114 Capital Improvement Plan Re-vamp view details
13-113 Memorandum 13-113 Correction of Account Number for Ordinance 13-20(S) view details
13-112 Memorandum 13-112 November City Council Meeting Schedule view details
13-111 Memorandum 13-111 Homer Flood Code view details
13-110 Memorandum 13-110 Appointments to Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission and Port and Harbor Building Task Force view details
13-109 Memorandum 13-109 Contract Award Homer Spit Trail Shore Protection Project view details
13-108 Memorandum 13-108 Contract Award Homer Small Boat Harbor System 5 Electrical Improvement Project view details
13-107 Memorandum 13-107 Technical Revisions to Title 21 view details
13-106 Memorandum 13-106 Technical Corrections to Title 21 for its Republication by Code Publishing, Inc. view details
13-105 Memorandum 13-105 Sewer Manhole Repair view details
13-104 Memorandum 13-104 Budget Schedule for FY 2014 view details
13-103 Memorandum 13-103 Purchase Septic Tanks for Kachemak City view details
13-102 Memorandum 13-102 Sewer and Water Rate Schedule Changes view details
13-101 Memorandum 13-101 Added Funding for Water Treatment Plant Redwood Tank Removal view details
13-100 Memorandum 13-100 Library Facility Use Policy view details
13-099 Memorandum 13-099 Alaska Library Assistance Grant Award and Budget Revision view details
13-098 Memorandum 13-098 Amendments to HCC 3.10 and 3.12 Homer Permanent Fund view details
13-097 Memorandum 13-097 Ordinances 13-22, 13-23, and 13-24 and Resolution 13-072 view details
13-096 Memorandum 13-096 Contract Award Deep Water Dock and Spit Trail Extension Project view details
13-095 Memorandum 13-095 Contract Award Homer Spit Trail Shore Protection Project view details
13-094 Memorandum 13-094 FY2014 Jail Contract Renewal view details
13-093 Memorandum 13-093 Green Dot Update view details
13-092 Memorandum 13-092 Award Recommendation for Art on the Homer Spit Trail Phase II Project view details
13-091 Memorandum 13-091 Referendum Petition to Repeal Ordinance 12-36(A) Prohibiting Sellers from Providing Customers with Disposable Plastic Shopping Bags view details
13-090 Memorandum 13-090 Reappointment of Jennifer Sonneborn to the Planning Commission view details
13-089 Memorandum 13-089 Lot Tract 1-A Zoning "Pier One Lot" view details
13-088 Memorandum 13-088 Emergency Management Training for Senior and Elected Officials view details
13-087 Memorandum 13-087 Prisoner Meal Contract view details
13-086 Memorandum 13-086 Contract Award for Homer Spit Trail Boardwalk Revitalization Project view details
13-085 Memorandum 13-085 Contract Award for Crittenden Drive-Waddell Street (Webber Subdivision) Paving Project view details
13-084 Memorandum 13-084 Tidal Energy Incubator Project view details
13-083 Memorandum 13-083 Conversion of City Facilities to Natural Gas Supplemental Recommendations for Funding Authorization view details
13-082 Memorandum 13-082 Kenai Peninsula Borough Healthcare Meetings view details
13-081 Memorandum 13-081 FY2014 Special Services Contract Renewal view details
13-080 Memorandum 13-080 Reappointment of Franco Venuti to the Planning Commission view details
13-079 Memorandum 13-079 Recommend Reappointment of Rick Foster to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission view details
13-078 Memorandum 13-078 Appointment of Katie Koester to the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District view details
13-077 Memorandum 13-077 Conversion of City Facilities to Natural Gas view details
13-076 Memorandum 13-076 Recognize Mae Harrington for the Original Donation of Land for Karen Hornaday Park view details
13-075 Memorandum 13-075 Recommendation to Dedicate Ball Field at Jack Gist Park in Memory of Paula Setterquist view details
13-074 Memorandum 13-074 Recommendation to Approve Lease for Alaskan Coastal Freight, LLC view details
13-073 Memorandum 13-073 Proposed Water and Sewer Rates view details
13-072 Memorandum 13-072 Establish 2013 Mil Rate for Ocean Drive Special Service District view details
13-071 Memorandum 13-071 Contract Award Restroom Facilities Improvements view details
13-070 Memorandum 13-070 Marine Commercial and Industrial Districts Heliport Use view details
13-069 Memorandum 13-069 Fishing Hole Campground Site Plan view details
13-068 Memorandum 13-068 Capital Improvement Plan Schedule for 2013-2018 and FY2015 Legislative Request view details
13-067 Memorandum 13-067 Personnel Report view details
13-066 Memorandum 13-066 Harbor Rate Fee Study and Economic Impact of Mooring a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit view details
13-062 Memorandum 13-062 Planning Bylaws Amendment view details
13-061 Memorandum 13-061 Republication of Homer City Code view details
13-060 Memorandum 13-060 Appointment of Mike Barth to the Economic Development Advisory Commission view details
13-059 Memorandum 13-059 Kachemak Drive Pathway view details
13-058 Memorandum 13-058 HERC Building view details
13-057 Memorandum 13-057 Strategic Planning view details
13-056 Memorandum 13-056 Repairs to Deep Water Dock, Pioneer Dock, Fish Dock, C Float, and Outfall Line view details
13-055 Memorandum 13-055 Green Dot Update view details
13-054 Memorandum 13-054 Amending the Spit Zoning Map view details
13-053 Memorandum 13-053 Amending the Text of Marine Commercial and Marine Industrial Districts view details
13-052 Memorandum 13-052 Reappointment to Public Arts Committee view details