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ID Details
15-073 Memorandum 15-073 Airport Lease Flying Whale Coffee View Details
15-072 Memorandum 15-072 Kachemak City Septic Pumping Contract View Details
15-071 Memorandum 15-071 Contract Award for Municipal Art Baseline Inventory View Details
15-070 Memorandum 15-070 Travel Authorization for Mayor Wythe to Attend "Building a Sustainable Future: Conversations with Alaskans" View Details
15-069 Memorandum 15-069 Small Wind Energy Systems View Details
15-068 Memorandum 15-068 Reappointment of Patrick Brown to the Economic Development Advisory Commission View Details
15-067 Memorandum 15-067 Jail Meal Contract Renewal View Details
15-066 Memorandum 15-066 Appointments to the Cannabis Advisory Commission View Details
15-065 Memorandum 15-065 Bed Tax View Details
15-064 Memorandum 15-064 Strategic Doing and the Comprehensive Plan View Details
15-063 Memorandum 15-063 Benefit Broker/Consultant RFP View Details
15-062 Memorandum 15-062 Strategic Doing View Details
15-061 Memorandum 15-061 Certified Port Executive Program Report View Details
15-060 Memorandum 15-060 Capital Improvement Plan Schedule 2016-2021 View Details
15-059 Memorandum 15-059 Mental Health Land Trust - Spit Property Purchase View Details
15-058 Memorandum 15-058 Spit Camp Fee Collection Building View Details
15-057 Memorandum 15-057 Lillian Walli Subdivision Development Covenant View Details
15-056 Memorandum 15-056 Natural Gas Assessment District View Details
15-055 Memorandum 15-055 2015 Land Allocation Plan View Details
15-054 Memorandum 15-054 Contract Award for Hazardous Material Survey Old Harbormaster's Office View Details
15-053 Memorandum 15-053 Interpretive Sign Design and Fabrication Deep Water Dock/Spit Trail Project View Details
15-052 Memorandum 15-052 Social Media Policy, Website Terms and Conditions, Links Policy and Website Upgrade View Details
15-051 Memorandum 15-051 Reappointment of Amy Alderfer to the Library Advisory Board View Details
15-050 Memorandum 15-050 Executive Session Castner vs. City Extension of Time for Condo Owners to Appeal After Supreme Court Decision View Details
15-049 Memorandum 15-049 Marine Trades Promotional Video Contract Award View Details
15-048 Memorandum 15-048 Amending Site Developments to Require Revegetation View Details
15-047 Memorandum 15-047 Executive Session for Order Compelling Compliance With Decision and Order Re: Castner v. City of Homer, Special Assessments on Condominium Unit Owners View Details
15-046 Memorandum 15-046 Executive Session to Discuss Compensation of City Manager Candidate View Details
15-045 Memorandum 15-045 Executive Session to Discuss Character of City Manager Candidates Matt Clarke and Katie Koester View Details
15-044 Memorandum 15-044 Fireweed Avenue Road Conditions View Details
15-043 Memorandum 15-043 Marijuana Regulations View Details
15-042 Memorandum 15-042 Strategic Doing List of City Plans View Details
15-041 Memorandum 15-041 Police Officer Safety Equipment Purchase View Details
15-040 Memorandum 15-040 Wilson Stick, Inc. Proposal for Lease Bob's Trophy Charters View Details
15-039 Memorandum 15-039 Public Library Development Collection Policy View Details
15-038 Memorandum 15-038 Appointments to the Library Advisory Board and All Hazard Mitigation Plan Group View Details
15-037 Memorandum 15-037 Natural Gas Special Assessment District View Details
15-036 Memorandum 15-036 Corrections to Natural Gas Assessment Roll View Details
15-035 Memorandum 15-035 Executive Session for City Manager Salary Range View Details
15-034 Memorandum 15-034 Strategic Doing for the Library View Details
15-033 Memorandum 15-033 Developing Bike/Pedestrian Friendly Roadway Design Standards View Details
15-032 Memorandum 15-032 Strategic Doing - Trail Connections View Details
15-031 Memorandum 15-031 Strategic Doing View Details
15-030 Memorandum 15-030 Wilson Stick, Inc. Proposal for Bob's Trophy Charter Lease View Details
15-029 Memorandum 15-029 Construction Contract for Homer Small Boat Harbor Launch Ramp View Details
15-028 Memorandum 15-028 Fireweed Avenue and Cottonwood Lane Road Conditions View Details
15-027 Memorandum 15-027 Planning Commission Recommendations on Marijuana Regulation View Details
15-026 Memorandum 15-026 Executive Session to Determine Parameter of Public Discussion of City Manager Candidates View Details
15-025 Memorandum 15-025 Executive Session to Discuss Castner vs. City of Homer Resumed Litigation View Details
15-024 Memorandum 15-024 Library Advisory Board Membership View Details
15-023 Memorandum 15-023 Liquor License Renewals View Details
15-022(A) Memorandum 15-022(A) Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Recommendation to Donate Fitness Course Equipment to West Homer Elementary View Details
15-021 Memorandum 15-021 Selection of City Manager Applicants View Details
15-020 Memorandum 15-020 Executive Session to Discuss Character of City Manager Applicants and Haunschild/Duggan vs. City of Homer View Details
15-019 Memorandum 15-019 Homer Police Department Project Drive View Details
15-018 Memorandum 15-018 Liquor License Transfer for Land's End and New Liquor License Cannery Bay Restaurant View Details
15-017 Memorandum 15-017 Appointment to the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council and Reappointments to the Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council View Details
15-016 Memorandum 15-016 Free Main Allowance for the Natural Gas Line Project View Details
15-015 Memorandum 15-015 Executive Session to Discuss Merits of City Manager Candidates View Details
15-014 Memorandum 15-014 Authorization to Secure Loan for Water Storage/Distribution Improvements View Details
15-013 Memorandum 15-013 Affordable Housing Tax Incentive View Details
15-012 Memorandum 15-012 Executive Session for Pending Litigation View Details
15-011 Memorandum 15-011 U.S. Coast Guard Lease View Details
15-010 Memorandum 15-010 Award Purchase of Ford F-550 Truck View Details
15-009 Memorandum 15-009 New Liquor License for La Baleine Cafe View Details
15-008 Memorandum 15-008 Appointments to the Economic Development Advisory Commission and Reappointment to Port and Harbor Advisory Commission View Details
15-007 Memorandum 15-007 Public Safety Building Review Committee Recommendations on How to Proceed View Details
15-006 Memorandum 15-006 Investment Policies of the Permanent Fund View Details
15-005 Memorandum 15-005 Changes to the Natural Gas Assessment Roll View Details
15-004 Memorandum 15-004 Amendment to 2015 Meeting Schedule for Council and Advisory Bodies View Details
15-003 Memorandum 15-003 Authorization for Councilmember Zak to Serve on the Alaska Municipal League Legislative Position Committee View Details
15-002 Memorandum 15-002 Appointments to the Library Advisory Board, Economic Development Advisory Commission, and Re-Appointment to Port and Harbor Advisory Commission View Details
15-001 Memorandum 15-001 Executive Session for Natural Gas Assessments for Condominiums View Details
14-184 Memorandum 14-184 Laundry Contract for Jail View Details
14-183 Memorandum 14-183 Economic Development Advisory and Planning Commission 2015 Meeting Schedules View Details