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ID Title Details
14-102 Memorandum 14-102 Dedicate and Rename a Garden at the Library to Peter Larson Memorial Rotary Garden view details
14-101 Memorandum 14-101 Recommend Appointment of Franco Venuti to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission view details
14-100 Memorandum 14-100 Reappointment of Tom Bos to the Planning Commission view details
14-099 Memorandum 14-099 Final Report of 2014 Citizens Academy view details
14-098 Memorandum 14-098 Library Circulation Policy Amendments view details
14-097 Memorandum 14-097 Contract Award for City Buildings Natural Gas Conversions view details
14-096 Memorandum 14-096 Disinfection Byproduct Reduction Study Contract Award view details
14-095 Memorandum 14-095 Alaska: North to the Future Update view details
14-094 Memorandum 14-094 Strategic Implementation Planning view details
14-093 Memorandum 14-093 Budget Schedule for 2015 view details
14-092 Memorandum 14-092 Appointment of Lance Petersen to the Public Arts Committee view details
14-091 Memorandum 14-091 Employee Health Insurance Premium Reduction view details
14-090 Memorandum 14-090 Water and Sewer Rates view details
14-089 Memorandum 14-089 Library Advisory Board Bylaws Amendment for Meetings and Committees view details
14-088 Memorandum 14-088 Amend the Library's Circulation Policy view details
14-087 Memorandum 14-087 Reallocation of Capital Project Funds for the Water Treatment Plant Disinfection By-Products view details
14-086 Memorandum 14-086 Karen Hornaday Park Picnic Shelter Access and Foundation Improvements view details
14-085 Memorandum 14-085 FY 2014 Mil Rate for Ocean Drive Loop Special Service District view details
14-084 Memorandum 14-084 2015-2020 Capital Improvement Plan Schedule view details
14-083 Memorandum 14-083 Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Bylaws Amendment for Meetings and Committees view details
14-082 Memorandum 14-082 Police Special Services Contract Renewal for 2015 view details
14-081 Memorandum 14-081 Reduce Meetings of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission view details
14-080 Memorandum 14-080 Appointment of Terry Smith to the Library Advisory Board view details
14-079 Memorandum 14-079 Contract Award for Public Works Gravel Supply view details
14-078 Memorandum 14-078 Contract Extension for Prisoner Meals view details
14-077 Memorandum 14-077 Conversion of City Facilities to Natural Gas view details
14-076 Memorandum 14-076 Budget Amendment for Purchase of Harbor Operations Truck view details
14-075 Memorandum 14-075 Executive Session to Discuss Ethics Complaint 2014-02 view details
14-074 Memorandum 14-074 Solid Waste Disposal Contract Proposals view details
14-073 Memorandum 14-073 Appointment of Pedro Ochoa as Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Student Representative view details
14-072 Memorandum 14-072 Executive Session to Discuss Ethics Complaint Nos. 2014-03 through 2014-08 view details
14-071 Memorandum 14-071 Executive Session for Ethics Complaint No. 2014-02 view details
14-070 Memorandum 14-070 Executive Session for Ethics Complaint No. 2014-01 view details
14-069 Memorandum 14-069 Correction of Account Number on Ordinance 13-39 view details
14-068 Memorandum 14-068 Planning Commission Recommendations on Ordinance 14-09(A) view details
14-067 Memorandum 14-067 Contract Award for Pickup Trucks for Public Works view details
14-066 Memorandum 14-066 Lease Committee view details
14-065 Memorandum 14-065 Appointment of Shelly Erickson to the Planning Commission view details
14-064 Memorandum 14-064 Lease Assignment on Lot 32 for Happy Face Restaurant view details
14-063 Memorandum 14-063 Snug Harbor Seafoods Lease on Lot 13B view details
14-062 Memorandum 14-062 Contract Award for Homer Fire Station #2 Skyline Drive to Steiner's North Star Construction, Inc. view details
14-061 Memorandum 14-061 Assignment of Happy Face Lease, Lot 32 Homer Spit Amended view details
14-060 Memorandum 14-060 Snug Harbor Seafoods Lease Lot 13B Port Industrial Subdivision #2 view details
14-059 Memorandum 14-059 Police Vehicle Purchase view details
14-058 Memorandum 14-058 Placement of Bronze Bust of Brother Asaiah view details
14-057 Memorandum 14-057 Disbandment of the Transporation Advisory Committee view details
14-056 Memorandum 14-056 Reducing Commission, Board, and Committee Meetings view details
14-055 Memorandum 14-055 Reduce Meetings of Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission view details
14-054 Memorandum 14-054 Meeting Schedule for the Port and Harbor Advisory Commission view details
14-053 Memorandum 14-053 Meeting Schedule for the Economic Development Advisory Commission view details
14-052 Memorandum 14-052 Meeting Schedule for the Public Arts Committee view details
14-051 Memorandum 14-051 Amendment to Planning Commission Bylaws to Reduce the Number of Votes for a Conditional Use Permit and Variance view details
14-050 Memorandum 14-050 2014 Land Allocation Plan view details
14-049 Memorandum 14-049 Recommendation on Reducing Library Advisory Board Meetings view details
14-048 Memorandum 14-048 Acceptance of a Bronze Bust of Brother Asaiah Into the Municipal Art Collection view details
14-047 Memorandum 14-047 Amendment to Election Recount Procedure view details
14-046 Memorandum 14-046 Enacting a Time Limit for Ethics Code Complaints view details
14-045 Memorandum 14-045 Liquor License Renewals for Starvin Marvin’s, Save-U-More Liquor, Homer Brewing Company, Inc., and Restaurant Designation for AJ’s Oldtown Steakhouse view details
14-044 Memorandum 14-044 Reappointments of Matt Strobel and Phil Gordon to the Library Advisory Board and Appointment of Ian Pitzman to the Vessel Haul-Out Task Force view details
14-043 Memorandum 14-043 Recommendation on Selection of GC/CM for the Proposed Public Safety Building Project view details
14-042 Memorandum 14-042 Executive Session to Discuss Kachemak City Intergovernmental Wastewater Agreement view details
14-041 Memorandum 14-041 Citizens Academy Update Week 2 view details
14-040 Memorandum 14-040 Contract Award for Waste Water Treatment Plant Micro-Strainer Electrical Connection view details
14-039 Memorandum 14-039 Request for Additional Funding for Skyline Fire Station #2 view details
14-038 Memorandum 14-038 Appointment to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission and Reappointment to the Public Arts Committee view details
14-037 Memorandum 14-037 2014 Land Allocation Plan view details
14-036 Memorandum 14-036 Citizens Academy view details
14-035 Memorandum 14-035 Fire Department Laptop Computer Replacements view details
14-034 Memorandum 14-034 Alaska Abandoned and Derelict Vessel Task Force view details
14-033 Memorandum 14-033 Contract for the Operation of the Port and Harbor Fish Grinding Facility view details
14-032 Memorandum 14-032 Contract Award for Removal of Underground Fuel Tank at the Airport view details
14-031 Memorandum 14-031 Appointments to the Library Advisory Board and Vessel Haul-Out Task Force view details
14-030 Memorandum 14-030 Quiet Creek Subdivision Preliminary Plat view details
14-029 Memorandum 14-029 Charter Commission Election Petition view details
14-028 Memorandum 14-028 Renewal of Liquor Licenses for AJ's Old Town Steakhouse, Elks, Oaken Keg, Happy Face, Finn's, and Captain Pattie's view details