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Click here for archived memorandums from 1999-2009

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ID Title Details
14-157 Memorandum 14-157 Capital Improvement Plan Final Draft view details
14-156 Memorandum 14-156 Public Works Water & Sewer Labor Distribution view details
14-155 Memorandum 14-155 Heliports and Helipads as Conditional Uses view details
14-154 Memorandum 14-154 Travel Authorization for Mayor and Councilmembers to Alaska Municipal League Conference view details
14-153 Memorandum 14-153 Refurbishment of Engine 4 view details
14-152 Memorandum 14-152 Spit Land RFP Recommendation - Chip Pad view details
14-151 Memorandum 14-151 Spit Land RFP Proposals - Chip Pad view details
14-150 Memorandum 14-150 Project Drive Grant view details
14-149 Memorandum 14-149 Liquor License Transfer for Alice's Champagne Palace view details
14-148 Memorandum 14-148 Placement of Loon Sculpture in Bishop's Beach Park view details
14-147 Memorandum 14-147 Amending HCC 21.93.060 Standing to Participate in an Appeal to the Board of Adjustment view details
14-146 Memorandum 14-146 Barge Mooring Facility Stage 2 - Uplands Improvements (Vessel Haul-Out) view details
14-145 Memorandum 14-145 Amendment to Chauffeur's License Fees view details
14-144 Memorandum 14-144 Proposed New Project for 2015-2020 CIP for Homer Hockey Association view details
14-143 Memorandum 14-143 Airport Terminal Sublease Hertz/Pioneer Car Rental, Inc. view details
14-142 Memorandum 14-142 Safe Routes to Schools Grant Application view details
14-141 Memorandum 14-141 Safe Routes to Schools Grant Application view details
14-140 Memorandum 14-140 Donation of Fanciful Loon Sculpture for Bishop's Beach view details
14-139 Memorandum 14-139 Amending Residential Office Zoning District Along East End Road view details
14-138 Memorandum 14-138 Liquor License Transfer of Stock for Oaken Keg view details
14-137 Memorandum 14-137 Strategic Planning view details
14-136 Memorandum 14-136 Award of Contract Karen Hornaday Park Campground/Trail Improvements view details
14-135 Memorandum 14-135 Request for Executive Session Legal Briefing Auction Block vs. City of Homer view details
14-134 Memorandum 14-134 2015-2020 CIP Recommendations and FY 2016 Legislative Requests view details
14-133 Memorandum 14-133 Natural Gas SAD Exemptions view details
14-132 Memorandum 14-132 Library Site Project Tree Clearing Recommendation view details
14-131 Memorandum 14-131 Town Center Site Project Tree Clearing Recommendation view details
14-130 Memorandum 14-130 Harbor Improvements Construction Schedule view details
14-129 Memorandum 14-129 Strategic Implementation Planning view details
14-128 Memorandum 14-128 Liquor License for Patel's #2 view details
14-127 Memorandum 14-127 Capital Improvement Plan 2015-2020 and FY 2016 Legislative Requests view details
14-126 Memorandum 14-126 Amendments to the City Council Operating Manual view details
14-125 Memorandum 14-125 Revised Wastewater Agreement with Kachemak City view details
14-124 Memorandum 14-124 Election Judges for the October 7, 2014 Regular Election view details
14-123 Memorandum 14-123 Participation in Board of Adjustment Appeals view details
14-122 Memorandum 14-122 Duties and Powers of the Planning Commission on Subdivisions, Meeting Schedule, and Records of Action view details
14-121 Memorandum 14-121 Thermal Imaging Camera for Fire Department view details
14-120 Memorandum 14-120 Alaska: North to the Future, Volume V view details
14-119 Memorandum 14-119 Permitted Signs in the Gateway Business District view details
14-118 Memorandum 14-118 Green Dot Training for City Employees view details
14-117 Memorandum 14-117 Update on East End Road Zoning view details
14-116 Memorandum 14-116 Joint Worksession with Planning Commission and City Council view details
14-115 Memorandum 14-115 Land Purchase for Water Storage Tank view details
14-114 Memorandum 14-114 Mid Year Budget Amendment for Port and Harbor view details
14-113 Memorandum 14-113 HERC Gym Fire Code Updates view details
14-112 Memorandum 14-112 Art Award for New Harbormaster Office Complex view details
14-111 Memorandum 14-111 Town Center and Library Trail Clearing view details
14-110 Memorandum 14-110 Alaska Public Library Assistance Grant view details
14-109 Memorandum 14-109 Liquor License Restaurant Designation for Happy Face Restaurant view details
14-108 Memorandum 14-108 Appointments to the Planning Commission, Economic Development Advisory Commission, and Public Arts Committee view details
14-107 Memorandum 14-107 Placement of Art Donations in Bishops Beach view details
14-106 Memorandum 14-106 Contract Award for Harbormaster's Building/Deep Water Dock Trail Boardwalk view details
14-105 Memorandum 14-105 Planning Commission Recommendations on Ordinance 14-20 Farmers' Markets view details
14-104 Memorandum 14-104 Extension of Greatland Street North view details
14-103 Memorandum 14-103 Accept Sculture Donations for Placement at Bishop's Beach Park view details
14-102 Memorandum 14-102 Dedicate and Rename a Garden at the Library to Peter Larson Memorial Rotary Garden view details
14-101 Memorandum 14-101 Recommend Appointment of Franco Venuti to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission view details
14-100 Memorandum 14-100 Reappointment of Tom Bos to the Planning Commission view details
14-099 Memorandum 14-099 Final Report of 2014 Citizens Academy view details
14-098 Memorandum 14-098 Library Circulation Policy Amendments view details
14-097 Memorandum 14-097 Contract Award for City Buildings Natural Gas Conversions view details
14-096 Memorandum 14-096 Disinfection Byproduct Reduction Study Contract Award view details
14-095 Memorandum 14-095 Alaska: North to the Future Update view details
14-094 Memorandum 14-094 Strategic Implementation Planning view details
14-093 Memorandum 14-093 Budget Schedule for 2015 view details
14-092 Memorandum 14-092 Appointment of Lance Petersen to the Public Arts Committee view details
14-091 Memorandum 14-091 Employee Health Insurance Premium Reduction view details
14-090 Memorandum 14-090 Water and Sewer Rates view details
14-089 Memorandum 14-089 Library Advisory Board Bylaws Amendment for Meetings and Committees view details
14-088 Memorandum 14-088 Amend the Library's Circulation Policy view details
14-087 Memorandum 14-087 Reallocation of Capital Project Funds for the Water Treatment Plant Disinfection By-Products view details
14-086 Memorandum 14-086 Karen Hornaday Park Picnic Shelter Access and Foundation Improvements view details
14-085 Memorandum 14-085 FY 2014 Mil Rate for Ocean Drive Loop Special Service District view details
14-084 Memorandum 14-084 2015-2020 Capital Improvement Plan Schedule view details
14-083 Memorandum 14-083 Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission Bylaws Amendment for Meetings and Committees view details