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ID Details
16-050 Memorandum 16-050 Off Season Camping View Details
16-049 Memorandum 16-049 Storm Drain Slip Lining Design Costs View Details
16-048 Memorandum 16-048 Contract Award Waddell Way Road and Water Main Improvement View Details
16-047 Memorandum 16-047 Amendments to Beach Policy View Details
16-046 Memorandum 16-046 Reconsideration of Ordinance 16-04(A)(S-2)(A) View Details
16-045 Memorandum 16-045 Replacement Ambulance Bid Award View Details
16-044 Memorandum 16-044 Executive Session AML-JIA Insurance Claims Experience View Details
16-043 Memorandum 16-043 2016 Streets Repaving Project View Details
16-042 Memorandum 16-042 Sport Fishing Trailer Parking Lot Drainage Improvements View Details
16-041 Memorandum 16-041 Reappointment to the Library Advisory Board and Appointments to ADA Compliance Committee View Details
16-040 Memorandum 16-040 Status of Ordinance 16-04(A)(S) View Details
16-039 Memorandum 16-039 New Police Station Square Footage View Details
16-038 Memorandum 16-038 Deep Water Dock Uplands Improvement Project View Details
16-037 Memorandum 16-037 Second Hand Marijuana Smoke View Details
16-036 Memorandum 16-036 Marijuana Legalization Impacts View Details
16-035 Memorandum 16-035 Award of Contract for Chip Pad Fence Demolition View Details
16-034 Memorandum 16-034 Statue Donation View Details
16-033 Memorandum 16-033 Appointments to Ecomomic Development Advisory Commission and Library Advisory Board View Details
16-032 Memorandum 16-032 History of Ordinance 16-04(A)(S) View Details
16-031 Memorandum 16-031 Motorized Vehicles on Beaches View Details
16-030 Memorandum 16-030 HART, HAWSP, and SAD Process View Details
16-029 Memorandum 16-029 Annual Records Inventory View Details
16-028 Memorandum 16-028 Vacate Right-of-Way and Easement on Heath Street View Details
16-027 Memorandum 16-027 Deferred Assessments for Shellfish Avenue/South Slope Water Project View Details
16-026 Memorandum 16-026 Sustainable Animal Control Review Committee Final Report View Details
16-025 Memorandum 16-025 Port and Harbor Advisory Commission Recommendation on Spit Camping View Details
16-024 Memorandum 16-024 Authorize Councilmember Zak Travel to AML and Serve on Committee View Details
16-023 Memorandum 16-023 Zone Marijuana Related Activities View Details
16-022 Memorandum 16-022 Feedback from Mattox Road Special Assessment District View Details
16-021 Memorandum 16-021 Contract Award for Lawn Maintenance View Details
16-020 Memorandum 16-020 Reappointment to the Port and Harbor Advisory Commission View Details
16-019 Memorandum 16-019 Strategic Doing ADA Accessibility View Details
16-018 Memorandum 16-018 Vehicles on Beaches View Details
16-017 Memorandum 16-017 Marijuana Zoning View Details
16-016 Memorandum 16-016 Results of Ballot Measure 2 Legalize Recreational Marijuana View Details
16-015 Memorandum 16-015 Executive Session for City Manager Koester Evaluation View Details
16-014 Memorandum 16-014 Reimburse Mayor Wythe's Travel to Juneau View Details
16-013 Memorandum 16-013 Councilmember Zak Travel to Anchorage for Tribal Council Training View Details
16-012 Memorandum 16-012 Harbor Enterprise (Petro 49) Lease Renewal View Details
16-011 Memorandum 16-011 Liquor License Renewals View Details
16-010 Memorandum 16-010 Appointment to the Cannabis Advisory Commission and Economic Development Advisory Commission View Details
16-009 Memorandum 16-009 Surplus Equipment View Details
16-008 Memorandum 16-008 Council Meeting Schedule for 2016 View Details
16-007 Memorandum 16-007 Lighting for Fish Dock View Details
16-006 Memorandum 16-006 Amend 2016 Council Meeting Schedule for March View Details
16-005 Memorandum 16-005 Travel Authorization to Alaska Housing Summit View Details
16-004 Memorandum 16-004 Travel to Juneau to Advocate for City View Details
16-003 Memorandum 16-003 Amendments to Election Procedure View Details
16-002 Memorandum 16-002 Liquor License Renewals View Details
16-001 Memorandum 16-001 Appointment to Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District View Details
15-207 Memorandum 15-207 Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee Meeting View Details
15-206 Memorandum 15-206 Abandoned and Derelict Vessels Task Force Meeting View Details
15-205 Memorandum 15-205 Hickerson Memorial Cemetery Expansion View Details
15-203 Memorandum 15-203 Port and Harbor Advisory Commission 2016 Meeting Schedule View Details
15-202 Memorandum 15-202 Library Advisory Board 2016 Meeting Schedule View Details
15-201 Memorandum 15-201 Planning Commission 2016 Meeting Schedule View Details
15-200 Memorandum 15-200 Cannabis Advisory Commission 2016 Meeting Schedule View Details
15-199 Memorandum 15-199 Excluding Certain Properties from the Homer Natural Gas Special Assessment District View Details
15-198 Memorandum 15-198 Purchase of Touchscreen Voting Units View Details
15-197 Memorandum 15-197 Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission 2016 Meeting Schedule View Details
15-196 Memorandum 15-196 New Liquor License for Grace Ridge Brewing, Inc. View Details
15-195 Memorandum 15-195 Amendments to FY 2016 Budget View Details
15-194 Memorandum 15-194 Transportation Recommendations from Planning Commission View Details
15-193 Memorandum 15-193 Homer Accelerated Roads and Trails Program (HART) View Details
15-192 Memorandum 15-192 HART Worksession Goals View Details
15-191 Memorandum 15-191 Alaska Drinking Water Fund Loan View Details
15-190 Memorandum 15-190 Recommendations for Permanent Fund Committee View Details
15-189 Memorandum 15-189 Adoption of State Traffic Offenses in HCC 7 View Details
15-188 Memorandum 15-188 Revisions to Personnel Regulations View Details
15-187 Memorandum 15-187 Amendment to Bridge Creek Watershed Protection District Impervious Coverage View Details
15-186 Memorandum 15-186 Excluding Certain Properties from the Homer Natural Gas Special Assessment District View Details
15-185 Memorandum 15-185 Request for Extension for Sustainable Animal Control Review Committee View Details
15-184 Memorandum 15-184 Sustainable Animal Control Shelter Fees View Details
15-183 Memorandum 15-183 Election Judges for the December 1, 2015 Special Election View Details
15-182 Memorandum 15-182 Appointments to Cannabis Advisory Commission and Reappointments to Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission View Details