Emergency Operations Plan

Caribou Hills Fire 2005

This Emergency Operations Plan describes the system that will be used to manage the mitigation of, preparation for, response to, and recovery from natural and man-caused disaster emergencies, including oil spills and hazardous substance releases. It is an all
-hazard, all-risk plan based on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) for comprehensive management of disaster
emergency relief forces and disaster emergency operations. This Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) consists of fourteen sections, each considering a different element of emergency response.

The city uses an all-hazard disaster emergency management system that encompasses all types of disaster emergencies and enables each level of government to integrate with other levels, public agencies, and with private sector resource providers under the NIMS Incident Command System (ICS). Optimum use and integration of existing skilled personnel, emergency facilities, and
emergency equipment across all levels of government and the private sector is encouraged and necessary to the successful implementation of this plan.

This EOP is intended to meet disaster emergency planning requirements of all federal, state, borough, and city agencies and departments having jurisdiction over such matters. It is further intended that this document be used as a reference and training aid for municipal, regional, industry, and other emergency response personnel to ensure efficient and effective response to and
management of disaster emergencies. This EOP will be activated whenever there is a disaster emergency that could significantly threaten human health, property or the environment. Upon declaration of a disaster emergency, the designated person responsible for disaster emergency management is authorized to commit the resources necessary to carry out the provisions of this plan.

This plan is considered a living document and should be continuously updated and revised to reflect lessons learned during drills and actual incidents. The City of Homer hereby adopts this Emergency Operations Plan.