Emergency Preparedness

It is the goal of the City of Homer to provide every home and business in the city with access the all the information they will need to become prepared for any type of foreseeable emergency they could face. Being prepared in Alaska means much more than having a flashlight or radio handy when the power goes out, it means having a comprehensive plan for your entire family or business to enable you to remain resilient in a crisis; it means knowing how to contact your family, friends, co-workers and customers after a disaster; it means being as self-sufficient as possible for at least a week, with enough food and water and other essentials (prescription medications, pet food, heat sources) to not have to rely on outside assistance; it means being able to recover from disaster as quickly as possible by having a plan on how to operate your home or business without power for several days, or even weeks; and it means being a survivor, rather than a victim.

Tsunami Ready Community - Homer was the second community in Alaska to be granted the designation of "Tsunami Ready Community", a program conducted by the National Weather Service. This designation means that the community can quickly receive tsunami (as well as other emergency warning information) from the National Tsunami Warning Center and National Weather Service, and alert those residents living in potential tsunami impact zones within Homer.

Community Alert System - When an emergency happens, keeping the public informed as quickly as possible is a goal of every emergency manager. The Emergency Alert System (EAS), broadcast over commercial radio and television in only one method of communication. Emergency messaging through the National Weather Service via Weather Alert Radio is another effective means of communication. On the Kenai Peninsula, we also have access to another alerting system that calls registered phone lines within an affected area when activated by authorized representatives of the Kenai Peninsula Borough, or City of Homer. If you have a "land-line" phone to your home or business, the phone company provides those numbers to the Borough, if you only have a cell phone you can voluntarily register that number with the Borough to be included in the phone alert system. Go to http://www.kpb.us/emergency-mgmt/oem/oem-home/rapidnotify-self-registration to register your cell phone.