Training Opportunities

The Homer Volunteer Fire Department regularly trains during its weekly Tuesday Drill Night. Every responder is trained and certified by the State of Alaska at at least the Firefighter I, or Emergency Medical Technician-1 level prior to being accepted as a member of the department. The department conducts EMT and Firefighter Recruit Classes for new volunteers each year over the Fall and Winter months. In addition HVFD conducts advanced training for both firefighters and EMTs including Firefighter II, EMT-2, EMT-3 as well as numerous associated courses and classes throughout the year.




If you're already trained and certified -

Joining HVFD is easy, it just requires the commitment to serve your community as either a firefighter or EMT. If you've already been trained and hold a current certification as a Firefighter I, or EMT reciprocity with the State is pretty straight forward. Drop by and discuss the process with the staff at the fire department and we'll be happy to provide you the information and forms you need to become certified in Alaska.

Print out and complete the Membership Application and drop it off, in person, at the Fire Station. That way we can meet you and answer any questions you may have regarding HVFD.

If you need to attend a course -

First, you must live in either the City of Homer, or Kachemak City to join HVFD. (If you live outside either city, we will point you toward one of our neighboring departments). If you don't have previous training, that's fine, we'll provide all the training you need in order to serve the citizens of Homer and Kachemak City. Annual Recruit classes are held in the Fall (usually beginning in September) and in the Winter (usually beginning in January) for EMT-1 or Firefighter I. New Recruits must agree to join HVFD upon the successful completion of their course and provide a full  year of active service, or reimburse the department for the cost of the training program ( $500 for EMT, $800 for Firefighter I). In addition, each class is registered with the Kachemak Bay Campus of the Kenai Peninsula College. Students can register with the college at the beginning of each class to receive college credit for successful completion of the courses. The Firefighter I class earns the student 12 credit hours, and the EMT-1 earns a total of 6 credit hours.

Print out and complete the Recruit Application below and drop off in person to the Fire Station, that way we can meet you and answer your questions about the class and the department.



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