HVFD Hard at Work

Every year the staff and volunteers of the Homer Volunteer Fire Department provide thousands of hours of service to the community attending classes, responding to calls and conducting public education throughout Homer. In 2015 your local fire department responded to 627 calls. Of those 552 (88%) were for emergency medical services; and 75 (12%) were for fire calls. Of those fire calls, 10 were for structure fires, 14 were for wildland fires, 5 were for vehicle fires, 1 rescue, and 45 were for miscellaneous "public assist" calls. Fire loss for the communities of Homer and Kachemak City amounted to a total of $312,600, while the amount of property saved totaled $1,938,100 (property saved includes only those properties where the fire department played a significant role in extinguishing the structure fire). Members of the Homer Volunteer Fire Department contributed 2,804 hours responding to calls, participated in 3,828 hours of training, and conducted over 800 hours of fire and injury prevention education and other public activities. In total, the mostly volunteer members of HVFD provided 7,524 hours of  service to the community

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