Alaska Clean Harbors

The Port of Homer is a member of the Alaska Clean Harbors and engaged in a voluntary process that  encourages the use of Best Management Practices to reduce the production of non-point source pollution. 

For further information contact Alaska Clean Harbors, 3734 Ben Walters Lane, Ste. 201 Homer, Alaska 99603, (907) 235-4068.

Basic Environmental Rules & Practices

  • A Sheen Is A Spill
    Dispersants are not only illegal, but deadly for marine life!  Report all oil spills to the NRC at 1-800-424-8802 and the Harbormaster's Office.
  • Hazardous Materials
    Paint, paint chips, and grinding dust are hazardous and must be contained.  These kind of materials entering the harbor and waterways constitutes pollution and punishable by fine pursuant to HMC 10.08.020.

Please contact the Kenai Peninsula Borough regarding their Hazardous Waste Disposal Program on how to properly dispose of these materials and chemicals.

  • Discharge of Sewage
    The discharge of sewage into the harbor is prohibited.  Contact the Harbormaster's Office for access to the marine holding tank pump-out facility.
  • Fish Carcasses
    No fish carcass disposal is allowed in the harbor.  There are areas designated for fish cleaning and carcass dumping within the harbor area.
  • Conserve Fresh Water!
    We all must do our part to turn off hoses when not in use, report excessively leaking connectors on the docks, and curb usage to a minimum or when necessary.

Environmental Amenities & Services

The Homer Port and Harbor offers many amenities and services throughout the facility that promote and encourage environmental-minded practices.  See also the Homer Landfill Bailing Facility for where and how to recycle items not listed below.

  • Waste Oil Recycling Satellites
    • Locations: At the tops of Ramp 2 & 8
    • Recyclable items:
      * waste oil
      * oily rags
      * used oil filters
      * antifreeze
      * batteries



  • Fish Carcass Trailers & Cleaning TablesFish Carcass Trailer
    • Locations: Fishing Hole & tops of Ramp 4 & 6
    • Fish cleaning tables and fish carcass trailers are available on a seasonal basis. It is illegal to dispose of carcasses within the Homer Harbor. For regulations on fish carcass disposal outside the Homer Harbor area, please contact the Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation.


  • Recyclable Material Satellites
    • Location: At the top of Ramp 1
    • Recyclable items:
      * cardboard
      * glass
      * cans


  • Dumpsters & Trash Barrels
    • Locations: Multiple locations throughout harbor facility