Winter Metered Power Application

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If you are a reserved stall lessee without power or a transient vessel looking for power while mooring in the harbor for the winter, the annual Winter Metered Power Program gives you the opportunity to utilize the metered stalls that become vacant during the winter months.

Sign up for the Winter Metered Power Program begins Monday, September 1, 2015. Vessel placement will start the beginning of October and winter power rates go into effect October 16th.

Subject to availability, the program is from October 16 to April 15 and allows participants to buy electrical power on a metered basis. Metered vessels will be charged per KWH, plus a monthly availability fee of $28.80. Rates per KWH may be adjusted without advance notice. A $28.80 connect fee will be charged on your first bill. Subsequent requests for disconnects will stop service and reconnection will require a new agreement.

Current participants in the Winter Metered Power Program: please be sure to return back to either the transient areas or your designated reserved stall by April 15.  Vessels not vacated from their temporary assigned stalls after this date will begin being charged the regular transient electric rate based on the current Tariff fees.  Owner/operator is responsible for relocating vessel if assigned stall holder requests their stall. Harbormaster will attempt to contact owner/operator but may have to relocate the vessel before the owner/operator is available. Any moving of the vessel by the Harbormaster will result in a $68.00 moving charge. Owner/operator may pay a $68.00 moving charge at the start of service period. This will cover any and all relocations by the Harbormaster. This service is available subject to requesting the service.