Amenities of the Harbor

Harbor Coverage:  There is a Harbor Officer on duty twenty-four hours a day.  Contact on VHF  channel 16 or 235-3160.

Potable Water:  All water provided is potable. Water is available year-round at the Harbormaster’s Office, the Fish Dock, Deep Water Dock and Pioneer Dock. Water is available from approximately May 1 to October 1 throughout the harbor basin.

Electricity:  110v, 220v and 208v electricity are available at various locations in the Harbor. Contact the Harbormaster’s Office before plugging in. Winter power rates are available from October 16th to April 15th.

Used Oil, Filters, Oily Rags:  Used oil collection sites are located on the uplands at Ramp 2 and Ramp 8 for small quantities of boat generated oil, filters, oily rags, and absorbents.

Garbage & Batteries:  Dumpsters are located throughout the harbor for boat generated trash. Battery disposal boxes are located at the used oil collection sites.

Fuel:  Two fuel floats are located within the Harbor entrance. Contact on VHF 16 or 235-8548 or 235-4071 .

Fish Cleaning Tables:  Fish cleaning stations are located at the top of Ramp 4, Ramp 6 and at Nick Dudiak Fishing Lagoon. Do not fillet your catch in the harbor basin.

Sewage Pump Out:  The “Eco Barge” sewage pump-out station is located on the corner of CC float and the main dock, near Ramp 6 and the Load & Launch Ramp. Small vessels’ sewage holding tanks and/or porta-potties can be pumped at this facility. Contact the Harbormaster’s Office for key and instructions.

Kid's Don't Float:  Children's PFDs are available for use at several locations in the harbor under the Kids Don't Float program. State law requires all children under 13 to wear PFDs.