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Transient Moorage


18’-29’: Backside of AAA     28’-47’: West side of W      47’-60’: JJ           60’–>: System 5
Beachside S-J                       Ends of K-Q, H, G                  JJ side of HH        East side of B, E, F
East side of A float                                                                                        End of B
Ends of V, U, T, FF


The Port and Harbor of Homer has over 6,000 linear feet of transient mooring.  Transient means any vessel using mooring space on a temporary basis or which does not have a specific reserved stall.  These areas are designated by a yellow colored bullrail and are on a "frst-come, first served" basis.  Rafting out might be necessary during times of peak occupancy.  Transient vessels parked in a Reserved Stall without prior approval of Harbormaster’s Office are subject to a tow fee if the Harbormaster is required to clear the stall for the Reserved Stall Holder.


Mooring charges shall commence when a vessel is made fast to a wharf, pier or other facility, or when a vessel is moored to another vessel so berthed (rafting).  Charges shall continue until such vessel is completely free from and has vacated the Port and Harbor facilities.  Inventory of vessels within the Small Boat Harbor is conducted between 12:01 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. daily. A vessel moored at any time between 12:01 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. shall be charged a full day’s charge.

Mooring charges shall be calculated on the overall length of the vessel (LOA)*.  Vessels that properly register and pay in advance may receive a prepaid rate.  Otherwise, the billed rate will be applied.  Upon paying moorage, a sticker will be issued noting the boat identification (name and numbers), type of moorage paid and an expiration date.  The date on the sticker indicates when the moorage has expired.  If the boat is inventoried in the harbor after this expiration date shown on the sticker, it will begin to incur a new period and moorage will be charged from that new inventory date forward.  All charges are based on current Moorage Rates.

*“Length Overall” means the overall length as measured from the forward most part of the stem, including booms, spars, gins or any fixed extensions, to the aftermost part of the stern of the vessel including the swim steps, outdrives or any fixed extensions. (LOA is generally more than the waterline length of the vessel.)