Reserved Moorage


Reserved moorage gives vessel owners a specific assigned stall the use of which, after payment of reserved moorage fees, takes precedence over any other vessel.  The reserved stall is personal to the individual named as owner or operator and the vessel indicated on the Moorage Agreement.  There are 920 reserved stalls are leased on an annual basis from October 1 to September 30 of the next year.

Mooring charges shall be calculated on the length of the stall assigned or the overall length of the vessel, whichever is greater, and are based on current Moorage Rates.


To apply for a reserved stall, a Stall Wait List application must be completed and submitted to the Port of Homer.  Reserved stalls are offered to any individual, partnership, corporation or governmental agency that apply.  All applicants, except government agencies, shall designate a single individual whose name shall appear on the waiting list and who will be responsible for payment of all fees.  Stall Wait List offers are given once a year in the fall after Reserved Stall Renewals and Stall Swap Requests have been processed.