Seafood Wharfage Report

In accordance with Port and Harbor of Homer Terminal Tariff No. 600, Subsections 210 and 275, all seafood and fish product loaded or unloaded across our docks will be assessed a wharfage fee per ton, regardless of species.

This report and payment for the entire amount of wharfage due must be submitted for a given month by the 15th day of the following month for all seafood products transferred across City of Homer facilities.  Late reports may result in the City billing wharfage based on an estimated amount.  Late payments, failure to report, failure to pay billed wharfage may result in termination of Fish Dock Use Permit, cancelation of crane access card and crane account, and other measures to enforce our Tariff.

Please fill out the following form and return to the Port & Harbor Office either in-person, by faxing, or mailing.  Charges are based on the current Tariff fees.