Steel Grid Info & Agreement

The Official Site of the City of Homer Alaska

The Steel Grid is one of two tidal grids that the Port and Harbor operates. The minimum length allowed is 60 feet, max is 120 feet,  along with a 200 displacement ton limit. Use of the steel grid must be scheduled in advance and the appropriate Utilization Agreement/Waiver and Release form be completed. Please fill out the following form and return to the Port & Harbor Office by either faxing, mailing, or scanning and emailing. Also attached is a diagram of the grid.

Note that sandblasting is not permitted on the grid, as well as any type of activity that would result in paints or non-marine growth particles landing onto the grid work platform or into the water, such as water blasting (pressure washing) paint off.

Please contact the Harbor Office with any questions or concerns you may have with the rules and regulations of the tidal grids.