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City of Homer Alaska Official Website

The City of Homer operates campgrounds on the Homer Spit from April 1- October 30.  The City also operates Hornaday Campground on the hillside above town.  This campground opens as soon as weather permits usually around mid-May and is open until October 30 as well.  All sites are on a first come, first served basis...NO RESERVATIONS.  RV rates are $15 per night or $189 for 2 weeks if paid in advance.  Tent rates are $8 per night or $100 for 2 weeks.  Iron rangers are located at the campgrounds for self registration. Camping permits are also available at the Camp Fee Office across from the Fishing Hole.  for additional information contact the Park Maintenance Coordinator at 907-235-3170.

Fishing Hole Campground

Hornaday Campground

Mariner Park

Tent Area 1 & 2