ILL Request Form

So that we may process your request accurately, please completely fill out this form.

* There are shipping charges for ILL services. Typical cost is $3.00 for a book and $4.00 for audio/visual materials. Microfilm varies in price depending on the fees charged by the lending library. *

You are responsible for all ILL materials you borrow. Replacement costs and due dates are determined by the lending library, not Homer Public Library.

Overdue ILL items are charged $1.00 per day.

Personal Info
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Please enter your phone number or email address. This is how we will contact you if we have any questions, and how we will notify you when your item is ready for pick-up at the library. (Only enter an email address if you check it frequently.)
It often takes a few weeks to receive an ILL. If you need your item by a certain date, enter that here. If you want an item regardless of when it gets here, leave this field blank.
Item Request
Please describe the item you are requesting to borrow. The more details you can provide the better! It is often helpful to search WorldCat for the item you are requesting, especially if you require a specific edition or format. If you are at Homer Public Library, you may use the WorldCat 'Request Item' button instead of this form. For all other requests made remotely, use this form. (If you are requesting a photocopy of an article, skip this section and scroll down to the bottom of this form and click on Photocopy Request.)
Describe the format you need if it is not listed above (microfilm, etc).
The typical charge for ILL requests is $3.00 for a book and $4.00 for any audio/visual materials (videos, audiobooks, etc). This fee covers a small portion of our shipping costs. We are required to ship A/V materials via Priority mail, thus the higher charge. Our ILL staff will contact you before finalizing your request if items will cost more than the maximum you are willing to pay.